Soormay @ Bhangra in the 6ix (First Place)

Gurjit Singh Lalli

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Whatsup BTF

This is our BIT6 performance (there was a miscommunication on the lighting so unfortunately our intro Mela was not fully seen). There's some changes from LOB please let us know what you think. -thank you
-Shoutout to Prabh Saini, Sehij, and the rest of the committee for keeping folk bhangra comps alive.

Red: Darsh | Harjot
Blue: Shahi | Navi
Orange: Aneesh | Sunny
Purple: Gurparshad | Qasim
Yellow: Manu | Gurjeet
Green: Karan | Gagan

Coach: Gurjit Singh Lalli
Mix: DJ GSP (Dj Aka$h for the intro/Mela segment)
Dholi: Daman Dholi
Paghs: Rajvir

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Best performance of the first half of the year from any competition imo. That intro was disgusting. Red and Dark blue jodis were extremely engaging and I had to watch the video a couple times before I started even watching other people. Variations in jhummar were ok I think you guys could benefit from redoing that segment and you guys have a tendency to hit well known moves (double jhummar, pataka, phulka jhummar etc) at the drops of your general segments. Take some of your variations you place in the middle of your segments and try shifting them to the climax of each segment so they are more memorable to the audience. In terms of dancer execution you guys are up there with SPD. Congrats on a dope first half of the year and I'm sure you'll guys will keep it up for the second half


Awesome set!! Have watched it multiple times and it's still enjoyable to rewatch.

Blue guy at front during Phumaniyan is SICK!! Nakhra from the whole team is absolutely a pleasure to watch.

I just wish you guys competed more but really excited to see you at the next competition.