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Hey BTF DJs and Mixers,

I'm just wondering if any of you are having your mixes taken down due to reports of copyrighted content.
The mashup I just posted ("[JK] Your Girlfriend's Favorite Mix (Vol. 5)) was taken down because of a report and even 2 of my PCBCA team mixes.
Seems as though someone is hating on the fact the mixes are posted rather than the content itself.

It's just annoying because I put out mixes so people can enjoy something new to jam out to, workout to, ect - it's not like any one's making money off this so it blows my mind as to why someone would report these as copyrighted...


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This topic has been brought time and time again.
Its simple: unless you have gotten explicit permission from record labels (or owners of material) EXPECT IT TO BE REMOVED.

I really dont know why this concept is so hard to grasp. Specially since the algorithm from SC has gotten better and better.


Going to threadjack Jason's post...

I've recently received a handful of emails from YouTube regarding copyrights on songs used in performance videos I posted AGES ago. Example:

The emails aren't all that intimidating and the videos haven't been taken down, so I would guess it's nothing. Just wanted to see if anyone had a similar issue? I can only imagine what Harjot's GTV inbox looks like full of these bad boys -___-

Not to be so "It's-the-Beginning-of-the-End!" but I must say, it would be pretty ironic. After years of debating Modern vs. Traditional, Collegiate vs Independent teams, Behavior of dancers, and God knows what other argument used on what/who is killing competitive Bhangra...that the actual Bhangra Music Industry itself ends up pulling the rug from underneath us.

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]What does it mean for the future of our routines? This would make for a great discussion topic. Would love to hear from those involved or actively following Data Security or Privacy issues as of late. [/font]

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Will we have to all go Live with a band so it's original content? Touch[/font]é Live Bhangra Fans, Touché.


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Aka$h said:
yomamajama said:
its simple..dont steal shit..
mixing isn't stealing.

Mixing itself isnt, but releasing remix (this could even mean you remade whole song, just used a stem or melody from original song, erc) w/out consent of original author/artist is unless song is under a public domain license (even then its a gray area).

Mr Sandhu


"Bootleg Remixes

The copyright significance of unofficial (bootleg) remixes is complex and ultimately depends to a large degree on what you’re trying to do with the remix in question. When you remix a song, you’ve created what copyright law calls a “derivative work”. Generally, one is supposed to have permission from the original copyright owner to create and/or distribute that derivative work. Without this permission, you’ve committed infringement.

There is, however, a doctrine of copyright law called Fair Use that creates a limited exception to this rule.
Fair Use is a defense to copyright infringement designed to encourage innovation, parody, and other beneficial results. The applicability of Fair Use to a given case is analyzed through four questions, which I’ve contextualized below. Here are the questions as they would relate to an unofficial remix:

  • What was the purpose of the remix? If it can be viewed as a progression or commentary on the original, you’re better off than if it simply tries to “cash-in” on a tune that someone else wrote.
  • What was the availability of the original song, and had it been released yet? It’s tougher to claim Fair Use if your remix is based on an advance or an unreleased track, because copyright law strives to protect the decision-making process of the original author as he decides whether or not to make his work public.
  • How much of the original song did you use in your remix? Looping just two bars of bass from the original with a host of new stems is much more likely be viewed as Fair Use than playing a song start-to-finish and adding a few vocals.
  • Has your remix diminished the value of the original song to the copyright holder? This isn’t confined to the idea that people might prefer the remix to the original when buying a record (since everyone’s doing so much of that lately); it’s relevant to licensing opportunities in film, television and commercials as well.
You get the idea- there’s no quick or easy way to determine if the Fair Use defense will work to protect you from copyright infringement. The answers to the above questions are balanced among each other, and no individual answer makes or breaks the case. Additionally, know that Fair Use is an affirmative defense, like claiming insanity at a criminal trial. It is you (the alleged copyright infringer) that must prove your remix fits within Fair Use; no one will assume it to be so."


I had three mixes pulled down today and it looks like disputing the copyright claim rarely works after doing some research.

There should be a requirement to have some sort of proof when making a copyright claim because it's literally your word against someone else
cholasux said:
KSR is reporting Soundcloud accounts per Jassi's facebook status. :-X

I just saw this. I will copy/paste my FB status here too, please tell me where I accused him of reporting mixes:

Whatsup people, I finally got the time to talk about the whole Soundcloud situation, I’m working 7 days no time for this BS. I have no interest in taking anyones account down and I never will. Those of you who know me in real life, know I express myself with my music and music only not playing cheap games. I was the one who sent Ksr those screenshots because I believed shaun had taken my account down. I trusted Ksr because he’s an older person I looked up to who’s successful and he told me he would talk to shaun about the situation but he turned around and uploaded it on his instagram calling me out too. For those who think I am taking down mixes, why would I send him screenshots if I knew I was doing wrong? Why would I report my own account I put 4 years of work into? I am not even going to prove myself further in this situation the real will recognize real. Take care and stay posted.

You got to get your facts straight. I had over 15+ of my mixes claimed overnight back in October. As much as it is the soundclouds copyright engine (if I post a new mix it gets claimed within 24hrs) it is also a figure in the music industry that's cracking down on the soundcloud scene. Why? Because a rap song me and Dj Sunlite Soundz were working on contained an 80's bollywood sample was also reported and claimed on with those 15 copyrights. How can such a vast amount of content with different genres and different record companies can be claimed overnight? I had mixes ranging from 4 years back and the latest mashup mondays that were hit.

The worst part was taking the blame for all the DJs BS because a grown 35 year old wanted his two minutes of fame on Instagram. Childish if you ask me. Let's get it straight the soundcloud mixing scene is dead and has been for a while now. There are still some mixers posting without any consequences which adds to the "fishyness." Mixcloud won't be the same because of the community/the app/ and the limit (can only upload a long dj set). It's time to get back to the old school '00s CD mixtapes lol I personally would love that!


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JassiOnTheProduction said:
cholasux said:
KSR is reporting Soundcloud accounts per Jassi's facebook status. :-X

It's time to get back to the old school '00s CD mixtapes lol I personally would love that!

+1 bring back the Mixtapes