Support Amir Sadollah on The Ultimate Fighter!


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Some of you may have noticed that Hans and I have been a little into the UFC recently - well there is a reason.

Our stepbrother, Amir Sadollah, has been doing quite well on the show, which airs Wednesday nights on Spike at 10pm. This week is his semifinal fight against CB Dolloway, who most think is the best on the show. Please watch and support Amir. Though the fight is prerecorded, we don't know the outcome of the fights, so it'd be great to get some support. You can friend him on facebook or myspace, he'll really appreciate the add.

War Amir.


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Amir is too sick...he's been the underdog in both fights and has managed to come out with submissions. I think this week's fight is only Jesse Taylor and Tim Credeur though. I'm not sure if Amir has fought CB yet, but that is a fight I can't wait to see. I hope Amir whoops that cocky motherfucker. Best thing about Amir is that he has a sense of humor and seems real down to earth.