The Mixing Ladder is Here!

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[SIZE=small]What's up Btf![/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]The mixing ladder is officially starting and I just wanted to give you all know the following information.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]Schedule: We are planning on releasing the matchups and song/theme every Sunday and having the mixes being due on Friday by 10pm est. They will be posted on the Soundcloud by Saturday noon. Since its already Monday we will have this week's mix be due by Saturday noon and then will be posted on the official BTF mixing ladder Soundcloud by Saturday night. We will be giving a 2 day voting period as well for each matchup and there will be a link to a poll in the song description.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]Matchups: The matchups will be changed weekly dependent on wins and losses from each challenge. This week's matchups with the allotted song are in the following link. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=small]We are also open to song requests so feel free to pm me some.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=small]Voting: [/SIZE][SIZE=small]There will be a poll for each mix and will be attached in the description of each mix on [/SIZE][SIZE=small]Soundcloud. [/SIZE]

Note to Mixers* Let us know if you a received an email about the mixing ladder details. If not, please let us know an email where we can contact you.

Thanks for the patience and let us know if you have and questions/suggestions.
[SIZE=small]Searsss from the mixing ladder mods,[/SIZE]


Only 2 days to vote??? and on the weekends? People dont log onto BTF anymore like they used to, might want to extend that a little. Just my thoughts


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Agree with iJatt - a 2 day window might not be very feasible for people to listen to ALL 15 matches (like there are currently scheduled this week) and cast votes for each.

Maybe have one mixing ladder challenge every 2 weeks? So basically something like...

Monday (of week 1) - Monday (of week 2): Provide a full week for mixers to put together a minute long segment (or so).

Tuesday (of week 2) - Saturday (of week 2): Provide 5 days for the BTF audience to listen to the mixes, write feedback (unless mixers don't care about that?), and vote in a topic (so random new people don't just register & start voting.. have a minimum # of posts required on BTF to count).

On Sunday: Have a master thread where the "ladder" is updated to show the new rankings. New songs are put together for the new challenges. E-mails go out for the new challenges.

And the process repeats... just a suggestion though.. you guys can experiment with what works best for you all.

Excited for this to get underway. Again, thank you for stepping up to run this. I hope the participation level stays consistent this season!

All the best,

~ Basim :)
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