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Nachde Yaar Punjab De
Hello everyone and welcome to the official BTF re-mixers ladder! this will be an ongoing competition to see who can climb to the number 1 spot and defend that spot by producing quality mixes and winning whatever challenges are thrown at them. In this post you will find all the information you will need to successfully join and compete in the ladder. This thread will also include all the rules and regulations that competing re-mixers must follow as well as the voting procedures for fans that are following this event. Most importantly this thread will have the updated ladder rankings which will be edited/updated into this post as the competition goes on.

Before we start let it be known that this is a very SLOW PACED competition, you must have patience because each challenge can last up to 12 days and then another 2 days for voting so it's going to be a very slow race to the top for everyone..and you are allowed to drop out ANY time you want I will just simply remove you from the rankings and move everyone up a spot accordingly. This ladder will take months before the rankings are accurate because were going to have some amazing mixers starting out at the bottom and some in the middle etc. so hopefully by the end of summer the rankings should be pretty accurate on who the best remixer is.

What is a ladder competition and how does it work?
this re-mixing ladder is a ranking system that will show the bhangra community who the best remixers in the underground bhangra business are, based off 1 on 1 challenges. The main purpose of a ladder is to be able to defend your current rank AND excel up in higher ranks at the same time. Once you join the ladder you will have to work your way up to the top by successfully winning every challenge you take part in, some weeks you may be defending your rank and some weeks you may be fighting for a better spot, it will always be different. Each challenge will be a 1 on 1 mix off, you will both get a random song and have a predetermined amount of time to produce the best mix possible for that song, then you will both have the opportunity to have your mixes rated and voted on to determine the winner of the challenge. Like all successful events it will take time to get the big names to join this competition but as the event goes on don't be surprised if you start to see some prominent remixers competing against you.

I want to join, what do I do?
Joining is easy, just leave your name of choice and email and I will update you into the ladder.. by default you will be put in last place so that you can work your way through the ladder to the top. The reason I need an email is for communication purposes between you and other competing re-mixers, whether you guys want to schedule the challenge or talk details you can do so through email or private messaging on BTF. Please sign up using the example guideline below.

example post for signing up : Hi I would like to sign up.. DJ Name : HarmanToor Email : HarmanToor@NYPD.ca

Who am I allowed to challenge?
You are allowed to challenge any rank within 2 ranks from yours. For example, rank number 10 can only challenge rank number 9 or rank number 8.. you cannot challenge anyone who is more then 2 ranks from your current rank therefore rank number 10 cannot challenge rank number 7 or lower. If you are confused bout this, just ask!

How do I challenge someone?
Always remember to come back to this page to see the most updated rankings, once you see someone within 2 ranks of yours that you want to challenge.. you simply call them out using the example guideline I will provide below. You are not allowed to challenge someone who is already taking part in another challenge you must wait till they are finished and then lay the challenge down. Please make sure you keep proper form I want this competition to be as professional as possible. Please PM the user you challenged so that they see it.

example post for challenging someone :

HarmanToor rank number 5


DJ BTF rank number 4

Song number 33

once the challenge is laid you will have to wait up to 48 hours for a response.. if you challenge someone and they fail to respond within 48 hours you automatically win be default and take their rank. If you challenge someone and they agree and you randomly go MIA within that 48 hour time limit you lose the challenge because it is your responsibility as the challenger to wait for your opponents response and then come to me with the details and terms you 2 have agreed on and then I will provide the song that corresponds with the number you gave me.

How are the songs for the challenge picked?
I have compiled 2 lists of songs..one list contains 50 easy to medium mixing difficulty songs and the other list contains 50 harder to mix songs. Each song has a number assigned to it so once you lay down the challenge and your opponent agrees on the terms you will PM me a number and I will give you the song assigned to that number, the challenger is the only person that can pick a number. For the most part these songs are fairly known, I know it can be a pain in the ass if you get a song you don't like and you have to work really hard on it so for that reason alone I decided to take the more mainstream route but there will be some cool lesser popular songs in there. There will be speciality songs in there such as jhoomers dhamaals and boliyan so be prepared for anything because once that song is given to you, you cannot ask to change it to anything else or back down from the challenge.. the whole purpose of this is to be able to out mix your opponent given any random song, it will take real skill to be able to hold the number 1 spot.

How long is my mix supposed to be?
Your mix cannot be longer then 2 minutes and it cannot be shorter then 1 minute, typically you should only remix 1 verse from the song you are given but some songs have short verses and to fulfill the 1 minute minimum time limit you may need an additional verse.. a full song is not necessary. Verses from other songs are more then welcome as long as 1 verse from the original song is the main theme of the remix. Intros and Outros are more then welcome and are encouraged so long as they don't have any DJ tags in them. You must have an instrumental segment in the mix that comes from the original song, you may add other instruments and/or instrumental segments from other songs but you have to have at least 1 instrumental segment that comes from the original song. Basically anything goes just make it sound sick and make the song the main theme of the remix.

How long will I have to create my masterpiece?
12 days is the MAXIMUM time limit, but you are allowed to set your own time limit within that range as long as it doesn't pass the 12 day mark. I know some people have busy work schedules and school schedules so 12 days is more then fair. You must post in this thread the time limit you and your opponent have agreed on.

How will the voting procedures work?
Easy, once your time limit is up you will both send me the songs UNTAGGED (no DJ tags are allowed in the mix) and I will change the names to Mix A and Mix B and I will create a voting thread which will contain both samples as well as the original verse and keep it open for 48 hours.. the mix that gets the best feedback and highest votes will be the winner. Once the voting is complete I will then announce the winner and provide details on who mixed what song. Keeping the DJ information disclosed will be the best method to prevent people from voting for their favorite DJ rather then voting for the best mix. I will be creating a simple rubric to help you decide what mix deserves to win, you do not have to fill in the rubric it is only there to help you decide. Please note that in order for a vote to count the voter must have at least 75 posts on this website, to prevent multi account users and friends that sign up just to vote for your mix.

Additional Rules and Information
1 ) You must obey the rules or risk being kicked out of the ladder
2 ) No profanity, if you lose you have a million more opportunities to get to the top so don't fuss over a loss
3 ) You cannot ask for more then 12 days
4 ) If you decline the challenge it is an automatic LOSS and your rank will go down and the challengers rank will take your old place
5 ) If you fail to hand in your mix on time it is an automatic LOSS and your rank will go down and the challenger will win by default
6 ) If you challenge someone and he does not respond within 48 hours you win be default and the ranks will change accordingly
7 ) You cannot challenge anyone beyond 2 ranks from your rank
8 ) You cannot challenge anyone below your rank
9 ) Voters must have at least 75 posts made on this website
10) Voters cannot reveal the identities of the mixers if they know
11) No DJ tags or DJ names are allowed in the mix
12) Each mix must be a maximum of 2 minutes long and a minimum of 1 minute
13) You cannot get a bunch of your friends to vote for your mix, don't be an asshole
14) You are not allowed to be in more then 1 challenge at a time
15) Absolutely not plagiarizing of any other remixers work.. whether that remixer is within the BTF community or outside

Okay so now that you guys have a good idea of whats going on and how things work I'm going to start taking names for the ladder, please post with the proper form! don't just say your down, provide your email and your name that you want to go under. The starting rankings are under first come first serve basis so sign up quick!

One day I hope this ladder gets up to 50+ people, then we got a sick competition. At that point it will take a full year just to get from bottom to top, a full year of hard work will make that number 1 spot feel that much sweeter.

The ladder will start Sunday June 12, 2011

1] dJ sK sukha1989@gmail.com

2] Akhil chandan1991@gmail.com
3] Sunpreet BMW suniballer2006@yahoo.com
4] H.M.N.I Goonsnbots@aol.com
5] Jabar Jung Dj_abp@yahoo.com
6] Swizzee yasaswi.raparla@gmail.com
7] DJ Preet ballasingh99@yahoo.com
8] Armaani a.gupta@folkentertainment.com
9] dj illi arg3nc@virginia.edu
10] DJ Ra rkataria19@gmail.com
11] Shady V vmural2@gmail.com
12] GSingh gursimransingh100@hotmail.com
13]Sargam Sargam627@gmail.com
14] DJ Sikh Flo sangeensingh@yahoo.com
15] Krazi D Khronicdiesel@gmail.com
16]Aman Cheema a.cheema17@gmail.com
17] DJ Gagi gkehal2@gmail.com
18] Gagan Dholi gdholi7@gmail.com
19] Prodigy SherPunjabi408@yahoo.com
20] DJ Nite Lite shababa.vij@gmail.com
21] AKT Productions anooj3434@gmail.com
22] DJ MoNeY info@djmoney.net
**] DJ Fresh djfresh-blazinfreshdj@gmail.com
**] 2Nyce theofficial2nyce@gmail.com

Challenge History Winner

1 ] 2Nyce (5) vs. H.M.N.I (3) ------------------------------------------------------------------------2Nyce
2 ] Sunpreet (6) vs. Jason (4) ------------------------------------------------------------------------Sunpreet
3 ] Akhl (2) vs. dJ sK (1) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------dJ sK
4 ] Gsingh (15) vs. Sikh Flo (13) --------------------------------------------------------------------Gsingh
5 ] Jabar (7) vs. DJ Preet (6) ------------------------------------------------------------------------Jabar
6 ] dj illi (10) vs. Armaan (9)
7 ] Aman Cheema (17) vs DJ Sikh Flo (15) ----------------------------------------------------------DJ Sikh Flo
8 ] Swizzee ( 8) vs DJ Preet (7) ----------------------------------------------------------------------Swizzee
9 ] H.M.N.I (5) vs Sunpreet (4) -----------------------------------------------------------------------Sunpreet
10 ] Prodigy (20) vs DJ Gagi (18)
11 ] Sargam (16) vs. Krazi D (14)

updated July 25, 2011


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im free as of July 5th... so if you put me in, put me in at number 50 (or whatever the last spot ends up being)... i do not mind the challenge.


Nachde Yaar Punjab De
Kush said:
im free as of July 5th... so if you put me in, put me in at number 50 (or whatever the last spot ends up being)... i do not mind the challenge.
Sounds good bro just post in this thread when your ready, provide the email addy and your good to go!

I can't wait to witness your journey from bottom to top hehe, gonna be epic

Sue Sylvester

Change the voter requirement from 100 to 50. 100 is way to high and may promote useless posts by users to attain that 100. Plus, I'm pacing myself this time. It aint no race, it aint no race. lol


Nachde Yaar Punjab De
Sue Sylvester said:
Change the voter requirement from 100 to 50. 100 is way to high and may promote useless posts by users to attain that 100. Plus, I'm pacing myself this time. It aint no race, it aint no race. lol
made it 75, sounds about fair


Nice, I don't know how to sign up to post here or email you but here sign me up bro.

I would like to sign up as dJ sK and email: sukha1989@gmail.com


Hi I would like to sign up.. DJ Name : Swizzee Email : yasaswi.raparla@gmail.com



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why not!

name: dj illi

email: arg3nc@virginia.edu

ps: gonna post a mix i made a while back, anyone willing to give constructive criticism keep a look out. thanks