The "Vick" effect...


brought to you by Vick...

Average # of posts per day in the month of April: 14.57
Average # of posts per day in the month of May: 29.83
Average # of posts per day in the month of June: 85.16

From April 10th-May 26th(Pre-Vick Era):
Average # of posts: 19.87

From May 27th-Present(The Vick Era):
Average # of posts: 77

Wheres my cookie? I'm not gunna lie, this place was pretty dead before I got here, and coincidently it's exploded upon my arrival. Ofcourse I'm not gunna sit here and take all the credit for it, I'm not that retarded, but it's a weird coincidence none the less... Saleem if you make it big off this website somehow, donations to the Vick foundation are welcomed... hahaa...


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ahahah to be honest it was a little slow gain in members in mid-may (finals and memorial day weekend time, clearly), and what you attribute to the 'vick-effect' was me asking waleed and sulman to kick @ss and get the word out ASAP and they sent like 100 emails starting may 25th. sorry buddy ;) definitely good to have you on btf tho


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haha to add on to saleem, there was a bit of a vick effect, youre post about it being dead on here was the impetus for waleed and i to start harassing everyone to get on here...the rest is history, vick for president! ps, ill be emailing you soon enough for the podcast!