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Things about gigs that you like/don't like


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Cherag said:
monisingh said:
when you`re called to do an entrance at a really beautiful location, When you get lots of tips...and when the client pays you more than what you charge.
As a dholi this is awesome! lol and when the crowd really gets into every beat and not just giddha and standard chaal, because I love to do crazy jhoomer variations and whatnot.
yeah true love it when they dance to everything from chaal to gidda to jhummar even hip hop beats at some parties


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Romy said:
J Wong said:
Dislike: Random people pick up and take your tips. Especially aunties.
Or those damned little kids that are just sitting or standing by the stage ready to pounce on the cash. Right when one dancer leaves the stage they all rush in and take your well earned tips and there's nothing we can do about it. Parents don't stop them and we can't go around yelling "GIVE US OUR MONEY" at the youngins.

hahahah if this happened to me i would smack some niyane no lie


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singhk1 said:
Idk if someone said this but when teams don't wear the uniforms it just doesn't feel the same to me, I mean i know teams usually do that when they know the person of the party but just sayinn just doesn't look as exciting
disagree with this one, personally. i love, love, love gigs in a shirt and a tie. dont know why, just looks boss.


abhij95 said:
Gigs giving a changing room!

Once we had to change in a bathroom while people were constantly walking in
Change rooms at gigs? whats are those?

If you do creepy jhummar nakhra complete w eyebrows, the kids oftem go away :p


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I love doing white weddings or actually any other wedding that isn't Indian. Non-Indian Folks make you feel like a celebrity and genuinely enjoy the dance. Deff a good feeling! Feels like Indian uncles/aunties just judge you and it always leads me to asking the same question "then why hire us?"