**Tupac @ Cochella 2012**


Tupac At Coachella Full Version Good Quality April 15 2012

this is awesome. great performance and i love the songs they picked. now granted theres haters sayin that pac didnt do this, do that, there shouldnt be a hologram of him, etc....personally, i think this is awesome. i didnt even know they could do this but its a really cool concept..

this isnt the first time its been done though, Mariah Carey performed 5 concerts simultaneously across Europe using this technology before: http://online.wsj.com/video/mariah-carey-hologram-performs-across-europe/ECEA8083-FE32-4549-A5AD-AECAEE1EB336.html

question though: would you be in favor to go to somethin like this? obviously you know its not the real person but you get the feel of it and just having someones music blasting that you loved listening to in an arena would be sick. I feel like if its somethim mariah did it would be a ripoff like wtf i wanna see the real one since ur alive...but imagine having a concert of these holograms with artists that arent around anymore. thoughts?


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Obviously everyone knew there was gonna be a hologram of Pac at some point during the set but when it actually started, it legitimately blew my mind. Just the image of having Tupac, Snoop, and Dre on the same stage like right there, right now was unreal. Common sense and reality went out the window and all I could think about was what if he's actually still alive hahahahaha.

Dream Predicition: Tupac really is still alive. The hologram idea was a plan devised by Dre and Pac. It was just used to test how the crowd would react if he really were to come out. People from all over the world took it a lot better than they ever imagined. It opens up the possibility of Pac returning to Coachella 2013. They will use the hologram once again except this time the actual Tupac will emerge from the hologram(depending on the technology at the time) screaming: THAT'S WHY I FUCKED YO BITCH YOU FAT MOTHERFUCKER!!

...one can dream


Imagine 50 years from now when holographic technology becomes more accessible. Dancer injured night before the comp? no biggie just plug in the hologram. Team can't make it due to expensive flights? No need to worry, send us your most recent hologram.

lol but ya it was indeed nuts! I was listening to an interview with Dre on Power106 this morning and he said the people of Coachella begged him to do it and gave him a blank check to do whatever he'd like and fly out anyone he thought would add to the experience. Xzibit was supposed to do a number too but was pulled last min.