UK Bhangra Scene - What Happened?

Indy K

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Hey guys,

I'm sure the above question has crossed everyone's mind during the last couple of years considering GCC won the last 2 professional competitions in a row, and the last professional competition was in 2018.

So, where's the UK scene gone?

Well, I was lucky enough to have one of the UK's main organisers come on a podcast and speak about this. His name is Harvy Mander, and he ran the UK professional scene and university competitions from 2012-2016.

The full snippet of the details as to why the scene has sorta died down and why he left the bhangra scene after 2016 can be found below:

I'm sure we can agree that running comps is hard, and we dancers don't really see what goes on behind the scenes. This podcast really opened my eyes to that.

For the full clip, it can be found here in audio or on YouTube:

Let me know your thoughts if you get a minute!