UNC Bhangra Elite 2019 Videos + Mixes


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Whats up BTF!

Below you will find our video from Bhangra Blowout 2019! Special shoutout to Gabroo TV and Harjot Hundal for capturing this moment for us.

Blue: Ragi Nayak, Sahil Dadoo
Black: Kira Heikes, Karan Ravi
Red: OJ Sethi, Rishi Champaneria
Pink: Alisha Abhayakumar, Ben Chilampath
Purple: Aanchal Mujral, Ashwin Punj
Green: Arpita Das, Yash Farmah
Yellow: Anushka Sukhramani, Vishal Naik
Orange: Simran Sidhu, Ayush Jha
Chimta: Aayush Purohit
Dholi: Mankaran Singh

Here are also our videos from Buckeye Mela (2nd place) and Maryland Mauj (2nd place)! Shoutout to Shantanu Sakaram and Mithin for the videos!



Last, but not least, huge props to Sahil Kakadiya, Aalok Mann, Ravi Bhullar, and Harry Bajwa for their work on our spring mixes! These DJs are phenomenal and worked their butts off to make sure the mix was right for us.



I would like to thank our teammates, alumni family, and friends for supporting us at all of our competitions! And a special shoutout to all of our teammates who helped with choreo, video backdrops, and logistics throughout the year. It has been an honor captaining this year with Ragi and Ashwin, and I couldn't be more excited to see what next year's team has in store! As always, please drop feedback :)

Much love,
UNC Bhangra Elite

Howie Magz

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Having watched this live at Blowout all I have to say is that this was a great set that was very well thought out from start to finish. One of my favorite sets of the year in all honesty. Really enjoyed your intro into your shikka segment. Really enjoyed the circle in the middle with the girls with the saaps behind their back. I actually liked the pace of Khundhe as it kept me interested again after jhoomer. This set was made to be very fast paced and I really truly enjoyed it. Also enjoyed your song selection (Mix was sick) for the most point with the exception of jhoomer. Wasn't a huge fan of the switching from music to live, but those are my personal opinions.

The issue this time with UNC Bhangra Elite is that not all of your dancers were able to keep up with the set. I actively scan the back to see how people are performing and I can see some people slack pretty hard. Your team does a pretty job of selling their moments when they come to the front, but the people in the back you can easily see aren't lifting their legs to the level they are supposed to. Despite how good the set is and how complex some of your choreo ideas not all 1-16 was able to keep up to the pace that would of rendered this a first place performance. I would say that moving forward keep this level of set design but train ALL of your dancers more in the stamina department to execute this set properly (Black Guy was sick throughout the performance and should be the standard of executing on this team). What probably held you guys back from getting that first at Mauj and Mela was the level of execution in comparison to the other first place teams. Best of luck moving forward!!!


Agree with a lot of the points Howie made. Set was really well designed; one of the best sets I've seen this season but execution could definitely be improved. Some dancers killed this set but a majority had trouble keeping up and it was obvious that people were gassed in the end. Legs weren't coming up high enough and upper body suffered as well towards the end.
Thought the mix was really well made. Song selection was solid except for the hard jhoomer segment at blowout. Song didn't complement the choreo well in my opinion.
Also, I like the new vardiyaan design. I think the ferozi accents are unique and are really eye-catching on stage so props to whoever came up with that design.
All in all, set design was solid. Keep it that way and focus on working those weaker dancers to get to the level of the set. Good luck going forward!


Just have to say - this is easily my favorite set of the year. It was designed so well from start to finish. The ideas were just incredible

Some of my favorite parts were: the saap dropoff cascade into the diamond shape and guddi wangu.

To me it looked like upper body was stiff for some people throughout the performance, lack of bouncing shoulders, locked out arms, etc. I noticed specifically during the music to live part, but it was throughout. So I think that is definitely something to work on for the future.

Last note: Personally I thought song selection for Mela mix was better than Blowout/Mauj, but both mixes were dope

Can't wait to see what you guys bring next year!