UNC Bhangra Elite @ Buckeye Mela X


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What's up BTF!

Below are our videos from Buckeye Mela X! Huge huge shoutout to Mithin for recording these, and more importantly for supporting and progressing the initiative to get teams to release their videos immediately! Really suggest everyone read his post on the DDN Facebook group and I think we would all love for other teams to follow suit.

"Your stories are not a single video released at “the” national competition. Your stories are the costume mishaps, the rigging that flopped, the music that cut off, and the lights that did not work that one time. Your stories are the push and pull of making art while simultaneously being competitive. Your stories are the hours, weeks and months you put into each of your routines in multiple cities and competitions. Your stories are the blood, sweat and tears that you collectively share with your team members." - Mithin Thomas

Back to BMX, a couple more shoutouts that we need to give:
- Shashank and Raj (and the entire BMX committee) for throwing a dope competition
- Our liaisons Puneet Modgil, Jasneet Singh, and Nimit something for being extremely helpful all weekend
- Ram Mahalingam (FCBeats) for making our mix
- Shivani and Suji for tying successful phumman!!!!!
- Those dupattas for being slightly less successful

BMX was one of the most well run comps UNC has been to, and all the hard work leading up to the show on behalf of the committee definitely paid off!

The squad:
Red - Naishal Patel/Tejasee Phatak (BMX Best Jodi), Karan Ravi/Kesha Acharya
Yellow - Ace Motas/Neha Batra, Arjun Adhia/Nivi Jagadesh
Blue - Sahil Dadoo/Nitika Arora, Drew Harrelson/Ruchi Desai

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Really loved that intro, wish you guys went straight into playing the shikke hard after that intro. Jhummer was nice, congrats!


Sick, UNC and Buckeye Bhangra best college bhangra teams on the circuit hands down right now. Good to see UNC make a come back, good luck in the future!

Also, any chance of song list for mix?


Sick, UNC and Buckeye Bhangra best college bhangra teams on the circuit hands down right now. Good to see UNC make a come back, good luck in the future!

Also, any chance of song list for mix?
Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately, we will not be releasing our mix to the public for a while so I can PM you with specific songs/full list if you would like.


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Good Job, great execution and effort till the end,
moves were on point, throughout the set, even when everyone got tired...
team danced as unit, but Khunde and the Dupatta segment could've been much cleaner though...
This is a really good set, dissect all the mistake and make it flawless, you may win a lot competitions.


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The pacing of this set was pretty fast and I was impressed at how you guys maintained solid energy throughout. Overall a very solid set and I can see why the Judge's gave you that pacing. Choreo was nice, liked the concepts you guys threw in there and drops
Some critiques that I think would make you guys even better
-With increased speed, comes increased sloppiness, and I think some segments suffered from miscues in synchronization
-There was some good movement and formations-I think I would have liked to see some more variation with regards to shapes and styles of formation. A lot of the formations felt similar in the sense that they were "spread", would have liked to see some more discrete shapes. I think maybe with tighter spacing of dancers, the aesthetics might be better
-Dhamaal legs in transitions between segments looked weak, in terms of knees and width
-General stage presence could be improved as well.