URGENT NEED VARDI HELP - Vanderbilt Bhangra


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Hey BTF fam....I'm one of the captains of Vanderbilt's Bhangra Team, and our team NEEDS HELP from y'all.

This morning we found out that through some gross miscommunication, our University's custodial services threw all of our stuff (vardiyaan, props, equipment etc.) into dumpsters. We've been dumpster diving (literally for the entire day) trying to salvage some stuff, but we're missing way too much and don't want to dance with vardiyaan we did salvage out of respect.

We're competing at UNC THIS WEEKEND (Feb. 9th) and we wanted to know if any team would be willing to overnight us a set of 12 vardiyaan (old or new, 6 guys, 6 girls) or would let us pick it up as we drive from Nashville to NC on Friday. We would cover all costs involved.

Please lmk if there's anything you/your team can do to help! Thanks!!
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