UVA @ Bhangra Blowout 2018


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Hey BTF,

Here is the aerial video of our performance last night. Hope you guys enjoy! Helping make this set and dancing it with some dedicated dancers made this semester truly memorable. Props to Blowout for putting on a great performance, our liaisons for keeping us on schedule (sorry we are a slow moving team), and UNC for letting us borrow a saap last minute. Shoutout to Legitamit and DJ HSD for making our mix. Lastly, thanks so much to Harry Jaggi from VSB, it was such a pleasure dancing to the beat of your dhol.

Red: Naveen Ambati/Prajeeth Koyada
Blue: Deebas Dhar/Ani Ryali
Ferozi: Tejal Patki/Sohum Shirgaonkar
Orange: Neha Kadaba/Eric McCord-Snook
Pink: Sakhi Singh/Chintan Sheth
Yellow: Preeti Shastri/Ben Charles

Would love to hear some feedback!
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Great job! The execution reminded me of 2014-15 UVA. I have a couple thoughts about the performance.

-You do a mechanism where everyone goes to the back of the stage and then expands out multiple times throughout the set. Change it up a little bit so it's not as repetitive.
- Execution I thought was strong across your 12 dancers, but the bottom 2-3 can still pick it up. They didn't stand out, but it will only help you out next year.
-There were a lot of moments that I liked and appreciated. The intro with everyone coming out was sick! To make it better, the spotlight should have been on that corner. That moment at 6 minutes was nice. I liked the khundey saap segment too
- During drops, you cut the music several times to make the drop hit harder. First time it was nice, but it starts to get repetitive as you keep doing it.
-Liked the use of the 4 girls 8 guys.
-The ending gimmick could have been more impactful. It was a cool idea, but it was rushed.
-1:35 to 1:41 that sequence needs cleaning, angles are all off on the spin and the power saap move.

I thought this was a placing worthy performance, and I am happy to see the progress you all have made since BIT6. Keep it up!

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Huge overall improvement from BIT6ix and GOT. The Red and Blue jodis really demonstrated their dancing prowess on stage. Like Sahab said, this really had that 2014-2015 level of form and execution associated with this performance. The strong points to this performance were definitely the props segments. Shikke and Khunday were both very enjoyable and kept me engaged throughout the performance. The intro coming out of the curtain was pretty badass as well. However, the second half of the set was where it became very monotone and flat. The buildup to the ending was quite slow and could be worked on. Having the girl come out at the end builds hype in the crowd aspect, but I personally did not think it did anything special. Your other dancers seemed to chill out a bit when she came out and that should not happen on stage. Yes there were other little mistakes, yellow girl bumping into someone in khunday blue boy being slightly off in jhoomer during the down up, but was pleasantly surprised in the improvement. Build your bhangra segments to be more impactful next year as that will definitely help with your overall set design and flow of the segments from one into another. Great job once again.


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This was pretty hot - I really enjoyed the slower khunda seg (mix was fire too) and khunda in general. Choreo flow has gotten much better as well as execution but I think dancers can improve on stage presence to match red and blue

For me some quick things to work on would be trying to make the segment really yours. For example, the jugni segment reminded me of vsb right away, the song was the same too and the ribbon thing reminded me of drp. If you use memorable drops like those as inspiration, really make it yours and make it fresh so judges/audience members arent reminded of other performances. All the best in the future, I was really impressed and hyped for whats next!