UVA di Shaan 2018-19 Season Videos


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A bit late but, here's our season from 2018-19

S/o to all the teams for killing it on stage, exec boards for bearing with our mix delays, liaisons that helped us not be tooo late for tech times, judges for great feedback, Karan for killing it with the dhol, and Amit for the sick mix! We lost 2/3 of our competitive team after blowout 2018, so we're really proud of our undergrad dancers stepping up and improving throughout the year. I know y'all will kill it even more this year. Lastly, a huge thank you to the six alumni that learned the set for championships the week of; Eric and I couldn't have been happier to dance our last UVA performance with the family we've learned from and grown with.

As usual, would love some feedback for Pallavi and our two new captains, Tejal, and Chintan!

Signing off,
Ani, Eric, Pallavi

Aaj Ka Dhamaka 2018 - 1st Place
Back Row:

Front Row:

Red - Ani Ryali, Pallavi Swarup
Blue - Eric McCord-Snook, Avni Malik
Orange - Chintan Sheth, Esha Mantha
Ferozi - Adavya Dhawan, Preeti Shastri
Yellow - Amithav Reddy, Seerat Mutneja
Purple - Aadi Sharma, Sruthi Jayaraman

Blacksburg Ki Badmashi 2019 - 1st Place
Back Row:

Front Row:

Red: Eric McCord-Snook, Avni Malik
Purple: Ani Ryali, Pallavi Swarup
Blue: Chintan Sheth, Tejal Patki
Orange: Sohum Shirgaonkar, Seerat Mutneja
Yellow: Amithav Reddy, Preeti Shastri
Ferozi: Rishabh Nagpal, Esha Mantha

Bhangra Blowout 2019

Red: Eric McCord-Snook, Avni Malik
Ferozi: Ani Ryali, Tejal Patki
Blue: Chintan Sheth, Pallavi Swarup
Orange: Aadi Sharma, Seerat Mutneja
Yellow: Amithav Reddy, Preeti Shastri
Purple: Rishabh Nagpal, Esha Mantha

Championships of Bhangra 2019
Back Row:

Red: Ani Ryali, Lamiya Zaveri
Purple: Eric McCord-Snook, Manali Sontakke
Blue: Naveen Ambati, Pallavi Swarup
Orange: Deebas Dhar, Suma Chaparala
Yellow: Chintan Sheth, Preeti Shastri
Ferozi: Sohum Shirgaonkar, Esha Mantha