Virsa: Our Tradition @ Punjabi Mela Bhangra Competition (Virginia) (3rd Place)

Below is our recent performance video from Virginia Punjabi Mela Bhangra Competition which happened on April 13th, 2019.

Blue: Vikram & Jaskarn
Yellow: Haris & Rajan
Black: Kartik & Gaurav
Orange: Karandeep (Vadda Lucky) & Raman
Green: Jaskaran & Gundeep
Red: Rohit (Captain) & Harjit (Urban Kinng)

Mix: HRSMIX (Haris)
Mix Link:
Congrats to all the placing teams. Thanks for Angad from VSB for helping out with paghs.

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Howie Magz

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From the last time I saw you boys at Lalkar to this performance, there has been tremendous improvement from this team overall. Its refreshing to see that the new generation of Virsa has continued to improve and help keep NYC Bhangra alive. This set was not only more entertaining, but cleaner as well. I did not see any major mistakes, but a very solid performance overall. The red jodi's were sick and really demonstrated great nahkra on stage. Loved the saap segment overall especially that move where you brought the saap all the way around and then you guys did the double clicks with the punjab legs. One of the yellow dancers need work in the stamina department as it was very obvious that they were dying towards the end of the set. Other little things that need improvement is that at times I cannot see what formation was being made. I don't know if that is from the camera angle or if that is something that needs to be worked on. Additionally, your dancers need to understand that if they are behind someone in a formation, they need to actually be behind them. In a lot of the formations in the set that utilize one person behind another, you can visibly see the person in the back slightly popping out. This is a easy fix and will only make your sets that much better. Also in terms of execution, in many of your moves that involve chaal whether it be in khunday or whether it be in jugni, dancers are not low to the ground. I do not know if that is the way you all execute the move or if its just laziness. Overall great job and I can only see you guys continue to improve. The first and second place performance must of really been something if this was awarded third. On a traditional rubric this set would place quite high and the execution was pretty good.