Week 1 - BTF Ladder - 30. DJ DHoLa vs. 28. Mohan Singh

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No poll. You must post in the thread to vote. The votes of users with less than 15 *counted* posts will not go towards the total. Files are attached for those that wish to download the mixes.
DJ 1: [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/bhangra-teams-forum/btf-ladder-week-1-30-dj-dhola[/soundcloud]
DJ 2: [soundcloud]https://soundcloud.com/bhangra-teams-forum/btf-ladder-week-1-30-dj[/soundcloud]
The original is Virse De Waris - Raj Ranjodh. It is attached.

Results (only members with at least 10 votes counted)
DJ 1- 25
DJ 2- 0 (no votes thrown out)

Domination. DJ 1 aka Mohan Singh wins! Congrats on a successful defense, let's see you rise through the ladder!



Don't let the name fool you.

I thought the intro was too long, but listening to it a second time, I think it does work. For mix 2, I think a small intro would've been better.


DJ 1

I enjoyed 1 for most of the mix but the drop seemed to have clash a bit

Mix 2 didn't add to the original in a positive way IMO + jarring at the start


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My vote: DJ 1


DJ 1 - Great buildup in the first 11 second, but you could have hit the bass harder at the beginning (starting at 0:12) to really "engage the listener" & then reduced down the effect later imho. While I liked the deep bass drop used, I felt it was a bit elongated in your mix. I wish you used various frequencies of bass or used some varying bass loops to "change it up." It would have made your mix a little more unique. I really enjoyed the dhol rolls combined with the "I'm glad everyone came out tonight" words used. I also enjoyed the transition from 0:34-0:36 minus the little annoyin' peak sound in the middle. Overall, I would have liked for you to cut your intro down a lot - I was anxiously waiting & waiting for the main lyrics to kick in but that didn't happen until 0:48 - so almost 60% of your mix was your intro. Really loved the dhol roll leading into the effect from 1:06-1:10 with the "listen" right after that & breaking back into the Punjabi lyrics - that was hot. Good work overall.

DJ 2 - Abrupt start. From about 0:12-0:20 seconds gave me a headache - I couldn't distinguish any sounds in your mix. It just seemed like too much was thrown in together. You need to a better job with EQing. I wasn't really feelin' the electro-house base drop you had going from 0:24 until the end of the mix. I would have rather heard the vocals more clearly with some cool buildups & mixing elements thrown together like you did from 0:21-0:24. Also, are you really gonna end with just the glass breaking sound?? It seems like you couldn't locate anymore cool beats/loops/etc, so you ended up going to your PowerPoint library. Overall I think you may need to work on some basics and bring more creativity in.

~ Basim :)
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