Week 1 - BTF Ladder -9. Prodigy vs. 7. Sunpreet

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Results (only members with at least 10 votes counted)
DJ 1- 18
DJ 2- 19 (after one vote thrown out)

By a VERY VERY slim margin we have DJ 2 aka Prodigy as the winner! Congrats on a succesful challenge


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My vote: DJ 1


DJ 1 did a great job on EQing. One of the few mixes from the BTF ladder that I've heard so far that really emphasized the song's vocals. While I liked the intro, the beat mapping seemed off or maybe the beginning transition sounded a little funky (hard to describe, sorry). What I mean is right after the "5 4 3 2 1" - the transition into the original song seemed a bit too "forced" (like you really wanted to incorporate the numbered intro, but couldn't figure out the best way to piece together the two). I enjoyed the "flared" ending - where it seems like someone is lighting a flare and moving it from one side of your ear to the other (a lot better than a simple fade out, which would have been easier to do and more ordinary).

DJ 2 - it seemed like you used 40 seconds just for your intro! I was eagerly waiting to hear the main vocals pop out, but I didn't hear anything until much later in the mix (0:40ish). The intro wasn't even impressive imho. It was a good concept of you bringing in in the 50 Cent rap song to facilitate your intro, but I felt your could have really made this mix a lot better if you had decided to end the "intro" at around 0:11 and then changed the mix up to sound completely different - to me, it sounded very bland from 0:12 until 0:39. Try experimenting more - don't let too much of your mix sound the "same" and bring more hype into your intro & mix to quickly engage the listener - remember you're only gonna have about a minute to showcase your talent!

~ Basim :)


DJ 2. DJ1's mix is great, but I wanted to hear more of DJ 2's. Sure, the intro's way too long for a short comp like this, but it builds.
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