Week 1: Group A (VOTING CLOSED)

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DJ 1: Fairly standard drum beat. It sounds like it's placed on TOP of the song rather that in it. Mundri nishani sounds completely mono here which takes away from it being a 'mix'.

DJ 2: Interesting take. I liked the genre switch. Fruity and uppity.

DJ 3: I think you tried to do too much here. The sher's not as interesting when the beat is more or less the same as the rest of the mix. The demonic chats don't fit well with the vibes of mundri nishani.

DJ 4: Clean and crisp. The buildup and drop was the most interesting of the bunch.

DJ 5. The levels need work here. Lots of distortion in the vocals. I was missing a beat to gravitate towards -- so it felt like the mix got rendered with a drum track on mute or something.

Vote: 2 & 4


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DJ 2, DJ 4

1: Alright, but not much going on here in terms of melodic ideas.
2: Nice vibes, wasn't feeling that high (tumbi?) layer you have going over the vocals.
3: Not feeling the layering
4: Safe, but clean
5: Not cohesive, clashing layers


1- hit didn’t do anything for me, but pleasant to listen to.

2- ooh intro is dope, very interesting vibe! Aye love the Jamaican vibe!! This is my sort of vibe :D love it!!! Very unique!

3- not a fan of the background sample throughout. It clashes key-wise and is very distracting.

4- solid- interesting build up. something fell flat for me at the hit: vocals seemed a bit buried and overpowered by the lows.

5- gotta love some bruno mars. Nice intro. I feel like the sample clashed once the vocals came in.

Vote: 2, 4


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DJ 1: Doesnt sound like there are any layers beyond drums. This makes your track feel empty and lack character. Explore using instrumentals to enhance the vibe of the track.

DJ 2: I dig the intro and the vibe! I get a double dhamaal vibe from the instrumental and would've loved to see an appropriate dhol loop to complement the whole thing! A added snare or clap wouldve driven this mix more in that direction too. I was able to feel a drop in this mix, but its still a vibe.

DJ 3: I appreciate your effort to incorporate the sher. However, your choice of instrumental/sample (the wood block thing) was not good. I suggest using instrumentals that fit the vibe of the song to complement in. The goal isn't to make any two things fit, but to make 2 complementary tracks feel like they belong with each other.

DJ 4: Theres just too much bass. The vocals felt buried under the chaos of the dhols and drums. its definitely the most creative mix in this group, but I wish it was executed in a cleaner fashion for the drop. All your layers were decently mixed with each other but not mixed well with the vocals for me. I would recommend mixing things around the vocals and then working on clarity of those layers without sacrificing the presence of the vocals.

DJ 5: I dig the arrangement, but the drums are either not present or lack the loudness and punch they deserve to drive the listener.

1st: DJ 2
2nd: tie between DJ 4 & 5 -
both in my opinion have some aspect (drums/vocals) of the mixdown which was overlooked, but are better than others


I vote 2 and 4

DJ 1: Bassline didn't fit the track, otherwise solid
DJ 2: loved the intro and vibe - would have been nice to see the two vocal tracks handled similarly as the levels and spacing are v different
DJ 3: weird, clashing vibes in this one - seemed way to dark and creepy for the original track
DJ 4: liked the change-up towards the end. eq needs work as the 808s dominate the rest of the mix
DJ 5: samples didn't really blend


DJ 1: Definitely solid ideas here; I like how the bass line here but personally I feel like there's a lot going on with the low end so maybe a more simplified bass line would have been more effective.
DJ 2: Loved the sample choice in the beginning and appreciate how you matched the vibe the entire time with the drum patterns.
DJ 3: Vibe was super dope. I think it would have sounded a bit better if the bass was punchier and came through a bit more. Sounds kinda muffled throughout
DJ 4: Very danceable; Loved the switch up at 0:20 and the drop, however, the song did seem to get a bit lost after 0:20 so make sure to keep everything balanced throughout
DJ 5: Samples didn't really fit in my opinion; Appreciate the creativity but I think something else could have worked better here.

My votes go to DJ 4 and DJ 2
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