Week 1: Group B (VOTING CLOSED)

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DJ 1: The intro was a little confusing -- didnt' get the reference. The rest of the mix was well put together.

DJ 2: Damn love the ambition and craziness of everything going on haha. Typically for dubstep drops, the vocals would get some cool chopping and pitch modulation -- missed that here. Would have been sick to hear this fully fleshed out.

DJ 3: super clean. The ambient pad for some reason was giving me some issue in the the beginning. I think you could have ended much better.

DJ 4: Sounds mono. gimme my stereo mannnnnn. Concept was basic but could've sounded cool if the sound design was proper nice.

DJ 5: I liked the intro - could have introduced the beat a little rather than being abrupt. The rest of the mix didn't have much build up and drop -- the flatness may have did you in here.

Vote: 1 & 3


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DJ 1, DJ 5

1: Sick, I like the layers
2: Honestly props for trying something different, but execution wasn't there.
3: Liked what you did with the intro. But I felt like you could have kept the tempo back a little and done more with the vocal drop.
4: Too muted
5: Simple, but I like that you kept it clean and the tempo much laid back


Jotted down some thoughts as I listened (stream of consciousness)

1: Whoa there, Explicit Content alert!! Hype! I felt like the mids/highs were a little quieter than the lows. Hit was more of the same, but hype overall.

2: Oooh interesting vibe. EDM/LoFi vibe haha very unique. Oh shit dubstep interesting.

3: Hype!! Left me wanting more- I felt like the hit was coming and then it faded out lol

4: Beat mapping felt slightly off.

5: ooh intro sample is nice. Hit fell super flat for me. But nice concept overall.

Votes: 2, 3…I’m a big of unique concept/ideas and y’all took it with that!

DJ Jet

DJ 1 and 5.

DJ 1: so damn clean!! Great job putting emphasis on the song itself during breaks
DJ 5: stargazing lol I love that


I vote DJ 1 & 3

DJ 1: Love it! Love the layered percussion and that bassline was filthy. maybe could have mixed it up more for the final drop but awesome overall
DJ 2: I appreciate the ambition but didn't pull off the execution
DJ 3: Pretty solid ideas overall - 808s could be cleaned up but the mix left me wanting more!
DJ 4: Lacked impact imo
DJ 5: Nice overlay - would have liked to see more done with both songs


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DJ 1 : I liked your use of adlibs in this mix, and the intro was unique. Generally a clean mix, looks like you know what you are doing. Mixing of dhol and drums could be a bit better. Low end of that dhol can be cut out and the treble can be made brighter - this would make the thoras especially very engaging for the listening just before the drop. The kick sounded very mild, i think you would benefit from one that had more of a natural punch to it. The clap could be louder/layered with a snare to fill space and make it more punchy.

DJ 2 : The build up was solid and unique, vocals were a bit soft for me tho. You lost me at the drop, I wouldve appreciated a more classic dubstep vocal chop / playing with the pitch on those chops. The vocals at the drop did not go with the rest of the mix there.

DJ 3 : This was a classic hype segment. No complaints with the production except the bassline was a bit monotonous most of the time - couldve used more variability there.

DJ 4 : I think the mono literally killed this segment. So much couldve been done in the stereo space with those drum patterns you made. The drop would've also opened up so many possibilities in the stereo space. very sad i don't get to hear this in stereo.

DJ 5 : Dhol samples aren't helping you here. I think you just used an instrumental for the drums, and that took away a lot of control from you as to what you couldve done at the drop / leading up to it.

1st: DJ 1
2nd : DJ 3
(DJ 5 was very close but the lack of impact and variability in the mix hurt them)
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