Week 1: Group C (VOTING CLOSED)

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DJ 1: Sick vibes. Took me back to the 90's for sure. Well executed both melodically and percussively.

DJ 2: Piano vibes were a cool idea but sounded a bit dissonant from the beginning. I like the drum pattern but it got repetitive quickly. Ending could have used a bit more thought and closure.

DJ 3: Dope from start to finish. Second part was a nice way to make it your own -- instead of simply layering beats on existing content. Some cleanup of the sounds would be helpful. A lot of things are blending together but getting lost in each other in the process.

DJ 4: Love the vibes. Keeping the tempo slow makes it easy to really hear everything. Probably the most well balanced of the bunch.

DJ 5: This one was a little clashy -- didn't think the rap part fit all that well melodically. The percussion was also a bit on the low side -- being dominated by the bassline.

Vote: 3 & 4

Def the hardest group to judge this week all ya'll went ham.


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Classic song. It should have given all DJ's a standard/neutral baseline to work off of.

My 1st place: DJ 1 – clear favorite
My 2nd place: DJ 3 – risk taker

DJ 1 - At the beginning, I loved the faster tempo of the vocals & beat you used. Piano was so nicely incorporated. Extremely creative mix overall. The whole mellow/tone of the mix was so good - I was wanted to keeping listening over & over. The song you incorporated in the background stating from 0:27ish fit so nicely. My clear favorite/leader of the pack from this group - I hope you release an extended/full version of this down the road because I would love to add it to my personal collection, lol. The ONLY fault I see is the mix went past the 0:45 max, but the mixing mods were generous enough to allow it still. Keep time limits in mind in the future, because that could prevent you from getting votes.

DJ 2 – was hoping for a bit more creativity for the intro instead of just a build up and bass drop. At least you used the bass drop more than once, so it added some sense of fluidity. Once the lyrics hit, I felt things were slightly off key. Pianos sounds were a cool concept. I felt that the build up at 0:17 and what followed was the turning point/”make or break” portion of the mix, but I didn’t feel you brought anything unique. Would have been a great point to totally change things up. The rest of the mix was more of the same and there was a lack of outro (music just cut off) which hurt you.

DJ 3 – Super creative into and that tempo change really fit well. The sound clip at 0:06 was also a nice to bring a bit more hype. Loved the effects in the background from 0:10 to 0:19ish, but it felt at times a bit too much going on/things were clashing. The portion after “getting jiggy with it” felt like it lacked a little bit of the flair that the first half of the mix had. I did like how you threw in parts of the original song here & there in the background – that was super cool. Your outro was also nicely done. I’m rewarding you for taking a risk and trying to execute fairly well.

DJ 4 – First 11 seconds (more than a quarter of your mix) was basically the original song, lol. There was only subtle effects thrown in and compared to the rest of the mixes, it seemed like the song didn’t push you to bring anything exciting to the table. The low hitting bass drops in the second half and your outro were basically my favorite parts, but I just wanted expecting more from this mix.

DJ 5 – The first 20 seconds (a little less than half the mix) had just a synthesizer type of effect thrown into the background. The Toosie Slide incorporation was a good touch, but I was expecting you to shake things up in the mix a bit more in the 2nd half, which never came through. The nail in the coffin was your lack of outro; I don’t like DJ’s who can’t close out their mix properly – it just makes it seems like a lack of effort.

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DJ 1, DJ 4

1: The Wiz Khalifa layer was PERFECT. You could have done so much more with it though in terms of composition and layering.
2: Overall almost there, but too much clashing in the first bar out of each 4 bar loop in the background beat. EQ could have been better as well.
3: Beat didn't really fit
4: Chords are nice, super clean
5: Toosie slide didn't really fit the way it was mixed, Drake pitched down was weird


1: dope intro, oooh love the wiz khalifa sample: blends beautifully. This is an amazing, melodic combo. Love the vibe haha was bobbing my head and humming along the whole time!

2: The intro build up was cool. The drop fell a bit flat for me, but overall nice vibe!

3: Hype! Nice leveling on the drums. You made this dance-able.

4: Nice chords. Dope vibe

5: Ooh nice melodies. Hit fell flat for me. Toosie slide didn’t hit for me.

This group and song made it so hard to judge - I really liked all the mixes!

Votes: 1, 3

DJ Jet

DJ 1 & 4.

DJ 1: great throwback track
DJ 4: 808's hit hard - I think the intro could have used some sort of buildup.. after 10 seconds I would have expected a nice buildup before going into the song; but regardless great mix


I vote DJ 1 and 4

DJ 1: love the lofi vibes - piano could have been balanced better w/ the vocals
DJ 2: some clashing elements weighed it down
DJ 3: the first drop was a bit too chaotic for me, the second half was nice tho, would have liked more of a boom-bap kick there
DJ 4: simple, clean, nice. would have liked some more done with the bassline as it's so prominent
DJ 5: off key


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DJ 1 : Instrumental choice is perfect! I was expecting a loud incorporation of a dr zeus dholki in this mix to fill the sound out nicely. There is no drop in this mix unfortunately as the drums and instrumental are just looped from start to finish. Lot of potential.

DJ 2 : The piano clashes a lot. There is a bit of emptiness in the space as well which couldve been fixed with more melodic layering.

DJ 3 : Clean mix overall. Just to be nitpicky - those hi hat rolls at the drop of nachde punjab seemed unnecessary. A simpler one wouldve carried the drums with the swing going on already.

DJ 4 : this was dope! clean mix, made it feel like an original! This might just be me, but the 808 doesn't seem to be tuned right. The song is in F#, but you seem to be playing B and G on the bass line. Its interesting during the buildup because its ducked, but since its louder at the drop, im able to tell theres something wrong w it. It is an interesting melody and weirdly compliments the mix but maybe if you played the root note on the down beat first, you would avoid this problem with some listeners.

DJ 5 : Toosie slide is very confusing to incorporate with a song as simple as nachde punjabi. there are very few moments in the instrumental that are in ket with this song. A simple mashup does not work and has resulted in multiple moments in the song sounding off. Loop the part thats in key if you want to incorporate it but the drake vocals and a majority of the song aren't htting F# - i'm getting B and E during different parts.

1st: DJ 4
2nd: DJ 3
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