Week 1: Group D (VOTING CLOSED)

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DJ 1: The hek sounds like it might be out of key? Overall a standard trappy bhangra mix. Good levels on the drums.

DJ 2: Sounds like he might have left the bass track muted - felt empty without a solid kick. Naag works well with the theme of gut nagni mel di teri but having it dominate the majority of the song kinda defeats the purpose of the challenge.

DJ 3: Ambitious af. Props for creativity and ballz. Could have been executed a little better during the drop for sure but I really dig the concept.

DJ 4: Cool vibe for sure but I didn't particularly like how the dhol and original melody sounds in this. The tempo change is nice, and the ambiance at the drop is dope but completely loses impact there. Drums there would have brought the hype up considerably.

DJ 5: Not a lot of melody here. Key change is a really cool way to keep things interesting. Overall sound is a bit 'thin'. Some work to add more layers would help I think

Vote: 1 & 3


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These tappe gave the DJ’s a lot to work with, so good choice mods.

My 1st place: DJ 3
My 2nd place: DJ 1

DJ 1 – your mix was super hype. Loved the silence at 0:10ish and the build up back into the hype. Very “danceable” mix – I can see it incorporated into a bhangra set. A lot of good effects were used that just flowed nicely. Solid outro. Enjoyed it overall. Great work.

DJ 2 – I felt you were trying too hard here with throwing everything you had at this mix and hoping it would stick, lol. The first 14 seconds felt like there was too much going on – I can’t describe it, but there was annoying sound you used in the background throughout the mix which I felt was unnecessary. I was hoping there would be a change up to the mix after the 0:15, but it was more of the same. By far my favorite part of your mix was the build up and drop from 0:23 to 0:28ish. I could have heard a few less “hois” at the end (0:36 to 0:42 was too long!).

DJ 3 – that intro was so fire. That incorporation of “Turn me down” was so awesome – it tempo matched extremely well. I liked how you used that “chirping” effect (sorry, don’t know what to call it – sounds it was taken from the first part of the word “akhan” in the song) from 0:06 from 0:17 right before your main build up and then even more as you built up hype from 0:18 to 0:27. Although, I felt like after the main lyrics of the song (“akhan billion balouri billo teriya”), if you had hit us with a deep bass drop, it would have been next level – instead I got a drum beat in the upper mids, then you went deeper in the lows after 0:32. I wish the end of your mix brought a little something more unique, but overall nice job!

DJ 4 – liked the dhol roll intro. Your bass was decent, but felt like you could have used deeper bass to differentiate your mix at certain parts (i.e. at 0:23). I liked what you did between 0:18 to 0:22, followed by the piano sound thrown in. I wish you had done a tempo change at 0:30 onward and then ended with your cymbal clash outro, it would have brought a bit more uniqueness to your mix.

DJ 5 – your intro had me a bit confused. It sounded all jumbled up. I think swisscheese mentioned this, but your mix sounded really compressed. There is no distinct highs or lows, just a lot of mids.. so it could use EQing to make certain instruments/sounds stand out. My favorite part of your mix was between 0:26 0:41, that shift in pitch was really unique. I wish you had worked on adding a proper outro.

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DJ 1, DJ 4

1: Safe, but clean. You can do more with the melodic layers
2: Layers were clashing
3: I like that you tried an extended buildup. The drop might have worked, but it wasn't executed properly. High layer on drop was off.
4: Layering was super nice, love the buildup. If I was to be nitpicky, you could have brought out the punchiness in the kick a lot more on the drop
5: Muted, sounds like it was exported in mono


Jotted down some thoughts as I listened (stream of consciousness)

1: hype and clean!

2: naag is always hype, but trophies is off key- very distracting

3: ooh I like the intro, nice EDM type build up, I’m excited! Drop fell a little flat after that epic build, but still a nice concept!

4: nice intro, I like the melody you bring in at :23. That hit could’ve hit harder, it lacked a punch.

5: feels a bit empty, but nice framework. Could use some deep chords/melodies.

Votes: 3, 4

DJ Jet

DJ 1 & 4

DJ 1: the bass pumps hard. Great use of 808's and breaks
DJ 4: 0:19-0:23 really got me. wow


I vote DJ 1 and 4

DJ 1: could have used more variation and layering - drop could have used a changeup as it sounds kinda monotonous
DJ 2: lots of clashing/out of key elements - not sure why naag took up most of the mix lol
DJ 3: buildup was p sick but the drop didn't land for me - synths kinda clashed with the song
DJ 4: like the ideas, but like the others said it could use more oomph
DJ 5: levels were way off


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DJ 1: I want to hear some melodic layer behind your drums and vocals. Your mix was too easy to make.

DJ 2: All your samples are out of key. The drop for naag was an interesting concept with those snares, but this just wasn't musical enough for me to appreciate it.

DJ 3: Damn, this first half got me engaged. The drop was a bit of a let down, the vocals were muffled and maybe you could've swapped out the instrumental you used with something just to add variety. However, its a sick concept and creativity was amazing and appreciated!

DJ 4: Your arrangement was splendid! I think what will give your mix more oomph/impact is using a more aggressive kick and learning how to compress your drums better. Couple more things relevant to the genre/vibe you are going for: i) Use up the stereo space more - make the dhad more of a stereo sound than mono. ii) make those drums punchier - the drop was missing a dubstep type snare!

DJ 5: dhol was off beat. drums didn't sit into the mix cohesively. Seems like you got some dope ideas, just spend some time comparing the levels of instruments on your track to original songs/really good mixers in the game. keep practicing EQ and compression and really understand what those tools are and how to use them to get what you want.

1st : DJ 3
2nd : DJ 4
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