Week 1: Group E (VOTING CLOSED)

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DJ 1: Macarena sounds sick af. Straight up roach killa 2008 vibes. Got sloppy there with that extra beat between macarena and the kalli kite mil vocal. That messed up the drum pattern too -- might have been a mistake. It cuts off at the end -- run out of time perhaps.

DJ 2: the drum pattern was decent but the effort level on this mix seems fairly low -- build a loop with drums, dhol/dhoki etc, copy paste over the upbeat parts. The dhol was in the correct pitch which I def appreciate. Next level is to make it all a bit more interesting.

DJ 3: The sound design here is nice. Maybe i'm thick but I didn't understand pooja's behavior reference. The swung shaker/hats round out the groove real well. Vocals come through nicely.

DJ 5: The sampling and chopping in this def takes the cake over all the other submissions. This mixer changed the original the most without destroying it so +1 for originality.

DJ 6: This mix sounded the least different from the original song. Nice and clean but didn't do a whole lot of 'mixing'.

Vote: 3 & 5


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DJ 3, DJ 5

1: I was so excited when I heard Macarena in the intro, but the actual mixing of the song didn't do much for me in terms of beats or layers
2: Pretty safe, but not much creativity in layers. I liked how heavy the kick was
3: Nice and clean, I really liked that you experimented with layering vocals an octave lower on the buildup. LOL at pooja what is this behavior.
4: N/A
5: Nice layers, why were the vocals mixed so muted? No reason to bring in the Gupz Sehra song at the end, didn't add to the concept of the mix
6: Too safe, it needed some melodic layers. EQ on the drums could have been improved.


1: off key, Macarena felt like it was off beat as well. Rough switch to kali kitte

2: nice clean drum, nice Kanye sample ;)

3: nice drums, i liked the low vocals- gudi wangu was a pretty stark change in vibe and pitch and threw me off a bit, but overall entertaining!

5: ooh I liked the gupz intro and the build up into kali kitte. Vocals are buried. Nice concept! Try to bring out the vocals in future mixes- dope overall.

6: Felt a little empty…could’ve used some nice melodic chords.

Vote: 3, 5 (fave)


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My 1st place - DJ 5
My 2nd place - DJ 3

DJ 1 - I got nostalogic to hear Macarena incorporated, but your mix fell apart for me after original sound was brought back in.
DJ 2 - Great job with the EQ, but I felt things were clashing in your mix between 0:10 to 0:20. The pitch shift of the vocals was nice, but the mix didn't bring any other "wow" factor.
DJ 3 - Clean mix, but I didn't feel impressed with the intro - very "standard." I really liked that robotic effect you used between 0:16-0:22. The sound clips you threw in afterwards were "interesting," but it also seemed like you threw them in for the hell of it. lol. Very overdone outro with the broken glass.
DJ 5 - Great concept and great execution. Short intro that was creative and got straight to the heart of the mix (good use of time!). I echo what MohitoK wrote above the additional song throw in after 0:27 - that almost felt like a cop out since I felt there was still so much you could have done with the original song.
DJ 6 - The mix lacked dyamic range. It felt so flat, especially at the beginning. I feel the mix needs a lot of work in terms of EQ. There was not much creativity shown.

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I vote DJ 3 + 5

DJ 1: the macarena sample doesn't really work
DJ 2: Drums were overpowering and the homecoming piano sample got buried (and didn't sound in key)
DJ 3: really great eq here - great use of the hats with the dhol to fill out the mix. open hat post-drop was a little loud imo, and not sure what the memes added to the mix lol
DJ 4: rip
DJ 5: really dig this one, love the samples springled throughout. main vocals were too low tho and not sure what the last song had to do with the rest
DJ 6: not a whole lot going on
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