Week 1: Group E (VOTING CLOSED)

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DJ 1 : Intro macarena vocals off key. That extra beat :( When Kali Kitte comes in, bass is too heavy, other layers are geting drowned behind that. Compare the levels on macarena and kali kitte, one is clearly louder than the other.

DJ 2: Dhol and drums were well mixed! Felt too basic or east of an arrangement tho. More complexity/variation wouldve made for a more interesting mix.

DJ 3: pooja is a meme lol. I personally think that portion hurt you, it brought attention to that tumbi which goes on until the end and is OFF key!! mix down sounds good tho!

DJ 4: :(

DJ 5: Shit, I LOVE this arrangement. So dope! vocals are a bit quiet however, easy fix. You used the same riser twice, maybe switch it up on the 2nd drop ya know. Just to be annoying, haha, the riser you use is hitting distinct notes each time, it feels like its not hitting the appropriate notes and isn't going higher enough on the scale. If you created that riser yourself, i would've appreciated a more musically thought out progression on that.

DJ 6: Very basic. Levels on the drums were good, but the disparity between the punchy-ness of the kick and snare tells me there was very little to no processing (EQ, compression) on them. There was nothing mixed melodically into the song, which is prolly why soundcloud easily flagged it for copyright. Tabla was layered nicely, the lack of melodic layers and the basic arrangement kept the tabla sounding clean. The challenge comes when you mix with more layers and still want to achieve that crisp tabla sound!

1st: DJ 5 - Hella fun mix
2nd: DJ 3
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