Week 1: Group F (VOTING CLOSED)

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DJ 1: Cool attempt at un-syncopating the chords from daru peeke. I'm not sure if it's the file the mods provided but the copy of phulkari sounds kinda low quality -- might just be eq preference. I don't think cutting to Daru peeke for the drop was all that exciting esp since there wasn't realy a buildup or a surprise factor to it. Phulkari chorus would def have hit harder.

DJ 2: Nice vibes here - mellow but still kinda poppy with a jhummar esque flow. The little flute was a nice touch. The adlib sampling works well also. Overall nice sound design.

DJ 3: I think the vocal processing kinda took it down a notch. The sound overall felt kinda empty except the continuous 808 sound. The dhol is well mixed here -- surrounding the sound and holding it together so to speak. Dropped the ball with tere tille ton. It's a 5 second effort to pitch match it.

DJ 5: The drums are well mixed but as an overall package it felt a little disjointed. I can't place my finger on it but there are elements throughout that need some pitch adjustments. The dhamaal dhol is def a couple semitones below what it should be. Fixing the pitch issues def makes it a contender.

DJ 6: I'm not sure there's a clear theme or concept here. Sounds a bit like the deadline was closing in and this was submitted in a hurry.

Vote: 2 & 5.

It was close for me between 3 and 5 but 3 dropped the ball easy with tere tille ton. With the right pitch there, it would have taken it for me.


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DJ 1, DJ 2

1: Nice layers, good mixing. Even though the vocals are low quality in the original, they sounded even lower quality in your mix so that could have been improved. Why bring in Daaru Pee Ke at the end? Didn't really add.
2: Great layers and feel on the jhoomer concept. The siren or whatever you were bringing in on the drop was taking away from the mix.
3: The melodic layer seemed like it almost fit, but not quite. The way you mixed the vocals was a little shrieking and made it hard to listen to.
4: N/A
5: I liked that you tried making a hype mix, but the vocals were mixed so muted that they got hidden in the track.
6: Pitch was off


Jotted down some thoughts as I listened (stream of consciousness)
1- vocals were ripping, decent switch up on the hit- good pairing.

2- interesting concept- haven’t heard this as a jhumar. The air-horn esque sound at the hit was clashy.

3- kind of a standard mix to me, tere tillen wasn’t in the same key

5- also kind of a standard mix- vocals are super buried, sounded like some key clashing

6- feels incomplete

Vote: 2, 5


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Love this song! I was excited to hear how the DJ's in this group would give it their own flavor.

My 1st place: DJ 2
My 2nd plae: DJ 5

DJ 1 - intro sounded hybe, but I felt your mix fell apart once the vocals were introduced. The tempo shift was interesting, but why follow it up with Daaru Pee Ke? I felt you could have done so much more if you used the original song provided.
DJ 2 - I wish the bass hit deeper in your intro & right after the drop at 0:10. Chipmunk effect at 0:17 was fun and I loved the "lalala" effect at 0:24. The robotic voice to close the mix at 0:36 was great, but I hate glass breaking outro as it is way overused.
DJ 3 - I liked your intro with the snare drum panning effect. Vocal could have been brought out more. I like random effects you continued to use throughout the mix, but the tere tilon ton incorporate was definitely off key. It's so glaring that it totally ruins the rest of your mix. No outro?
DJ 5 - Very hype build up that I enjoyed, but I can't believe how dense the vocals felt when they were introduced. Your effects are way overpowering the vocals, which is a huge negative in my playbook. My favorite part of your mix was the built up after 0:33, the drop, and what you did immeditely after. That made up for the lack of vocals, but please don't end with the breaking the glass sound. So repetitive! See comment on DJ 2's mix.
DJ 6 - Besides the clip you used for your intro, it seems like the rest of your mix was just slapped together hoping something would stick. It felt very rushed and LOL at the outro. For the sake of others time and ear, please work on your future mixes more.

~ Basim :)
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