Week 1: Group F (VOTING CLOSED)

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I vote 2 and 5

DJ 1: some weird clashing b/w the drums and main track - not enough going on imo
DJ 2: really creative to make a jhummar - good use of pads to fill out the sound and get those nice slo vibes
DJ 3: I was on board until the end, which was not in key - could have used some more going on as the 808 was carrying most of it
DJ 4: rip
DJ 5: really dig the drums - some elements were off-key and distracting tho
DJ 6: songs didn't work together


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DJ 1: Appreciate the sampling effort. Sounds like youve double layered your vocal track with the pitched down copy which is causing it clash in some areas of the mids and create a lot of grainy noise. The instrumental layering with the overall arrangement seems very continuous and looped, didn't create enough variation.

DJ 2: Shiiiit, this person went off! Love the jhummar vibe! Dig that different flute lick you use and the lalkara you added before the drop! Really unique stuff! Don't have much feedback for this except the mids in the stereeo fiield could be a bit louder to envelope the vocals more.

DJ 3: Tere tille ton off key :( Vocals could have more presence and volume overall.

DJ 4: :(

Dj 5: Theres so much going on here, samples wise. Kicks are mixed well, but vocals are a bit quiet for me.

DJ 6: The NWA instrumental isn't in key and doesn't fit the vibe of the song to compliment it. I'd first spend time thinking about how the feel of the song can be enhanced for the type of mix you want, and then choose an instrumental that will achieve this. Ofcourse make sure it is in key. Lot of work needs to be done in terms of levels and EQ/compression for drums and vocals. Look up what these different tools are meant to achieve and use them with purpose.

1st: DJ 2
2nd: DJ 5


DJ 1: Felt pretty low effort and not very interesting; Also the vocals of Phulkari sounded muffled and overpowered by the low end.
DJ 2: Loved the flute sample and the drop in here.
DJ 3: I like the vibe that you went for but it didn't sound cohesive and like one mix. Everything sounded separate and not together
DJ 5: I love the ideas but it would have been so much better if there was just a bit more work on eq and cleaning it up. The kicks overpower a lot of the mix and I think you overdid it a bit on the samples. I personally thought the toosie slide sample was kinda random and didn't fit with the vibe
DJ 6: Your samples don't sound in key

My votes go to DJ 2 and 5
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