Week 1: Group G (VOTING CLOSED)

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DJ 1: Clean and polished. I liked it from start to finish. On the first listen though, I did think that nothing was done to the beginning portion -- might be wise to think about that for future rounds since 'mixing' is the name of the game. The drop held it together real nice.

DJ 2: Very bass dominant. Would make for a cool bhangra segment. Not much to say on this one tbh, but I guess it's a pretty straight forward song.

DJ 3: Dope attempt at creating a different vibe. I dig the tumbi sound. As it went on, it got more and more clustered together. I'd def work on teh spacing of your instrumental and it's invasiveness of the rest of the elements.

DJ 4: conceptually cool but could use some work on the melody and overall sound design. 80/20 rule. Gotta polish.

DJ 6: I think the levels could use some more attention here to blend everything together more. The snare/clap is much louder than most other elements and the dhol is kinda living on its own. Overall I could still jam to it but when comparing to the rest of the mixers, it stands out a little. That dhol sample always requires a lot of processing to make it fit right.

Vote: 1 & 3

3 only because it was riskier and more engaging.


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DJ 1, DJ 3

1: Nice and clean, the vocals were too low and got hidden in the mix.
2: Safe, but the EQ job hurts this. The mix was clipping in my headphones. You needed to remove some of the frequency range from some of the tracks and play with panning so that everything sits together nicely.
3: Overall concept is nice. Felt messy, needed better mastering.
4: Layer didn't fit, pitch clashing.
5: N/A
6: EQ needs work, vocals were hidden and drum loops were stepping over each other.


Love this song!

1: Nice bass and melody. Solid idea and execution, but could’ve used something to stand out a bit more.

2: Clean kicks. Kind of standard mix, but hype nonetheless

3: interesting beginning, I dig it! Oooh what a vibe. Love the concept here and Dre sample ;) Nice work. Vocals were a bit background-ed but who cares haha

4: Muted vocals. Roxanne is off key.

6: Not sure Toosie is in the right key. It clashed to me.

Votes: 1,3 (fave)


I vote DJ 1 and 3

DJ 1: took too long to get to the interesting part, but the interesting parts were solid. needs work on EQ/Master to fill out the sound more
DJ 2: pretty standard hat/snare/kick/808 stuff - need to work on EQ to balance out the sound as the bass took over the mix post-drop
DJ 3: damn this was creative as hell haha - appreciate the vibe, but needs work to mesh all the elements together. reverb was pretty heavy-handed
DJ 4: I like the ideas but the mix wasn't in key
DJ 5: lol rip
DJ 6: not bad, but try and work on balancing the drums with the vocals - piano in the background wasn't adding much


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DJ 1: That drop was fresh. Struck a good balance with the levels there. good job. Work on compression of the different elements to really fill the sound out in the final product.

DJ 2: A very safe approach but executed with a good level of cleanliness.

DJ 3: Love this vibe. I would've tried to bring the vocals more upfront at least from the drop to make it hit. This way, even if you dig that reverb tone on the vocals, you can use it to build the tension during the pre drop. Very creative, liked the gfunk whistle sample in there.

DJ 4: the instrumental doesnt complement the progression of the song, so its jarring to listen to. same thing happens between roxanne and the tumbi thats sampled throughout. There isn't much happening drums wise, nothing to carry the mix. Dhol is in there but combined with punchy drums, it wouldve been more impactful.

DJ 5: :(

DJ 6: piano could've been louder to make it feel cohesive with the song. Make it wider and combine that with the drums mixed downd better, it wouldve resulted in something better. Just gotta work on the levels and balancing it out.

1st: DJ 3
2nd: DJ 1
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