Week 1: Group G (VOTING CLOSED)

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My 1st place: DJ 6
My 2nd place DJ 3

DJ 1 - subtle affects throw in at the beginning, but absolutely what you did between 0:18-0:26, but after the "ha ha ha" effect, you should have speed up the tempo & ended the mix with some hype. That would have gave the listener some more variety & taken your mix to the next level.

DJ 2 - I couldn't tell what you changed besides some subtle effects here & there for the first 0:20 seconds or so. Then you did a pan effect and added some heavier bass. Not enough creativity shown.

DJ 3 - Loved the intro. I liked how to totally changed the vibe of the original song. I liked the oscillating sound clip thrown in at 0:19. I wish you had EQed the mix a bit better after 0:22 because the ending seemed to be too much going on.\

DJ 4 - Nice concept/attempt at the beginning. I felt like you overdid the sound clips though. I wish you just used the original song and added more creativity/uniqueness to your mix using other techniques.

DJ 6 - Immediately could this mix was at a different level compared to the rest of the pack. Really enjoyed listening to it and the various layers you threw it. I wish you changed things up slightly after 0:26 because it got a little bland at that point. Some good risk taken and solid concept.

~ Basim :)
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