Week 1: Group H (VOTING CLOSED)

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DJ 1: Loved it throughout. It feels full and complete. Especially dig the harmonized vocal buildup.

DJ 2: Felt a bit all over the place. I could dig the drop in a bhangra mix to create energy and dance to but I don't think overall the concept worked 'musically'. You have the roll from Doliyan ch jaan (continuous) layered underneath a thorha ( break) which sorta conflicts in purpose. The kicks, up until the drop, feel placed on top of the song rather than into the song so maybe some more time on EQ or sample selection would have helped. It definitely felt more cohesive at the drop. Vocals came through nicely so props there.

DJ 3: I was very interested from the opening 8 beats. I lost interest when the vocals came in -- maybe due to the lack of a snare. Interest came back at the drop. Overall it grew on me as I listened more and more because the sound is very crisp, impactful and professional. Can't wait to hear more.

DJ 4: Not gonna lie you had me in the first half. I loved the buildup with the dhol rolls, the boom bap beat coming in and out. Where you lost me was the buildup and drop. The dhol just kept going and going and going. :28 is your cue to cut sound, and begin your buildup to a nice crescendo.

DJ 5: Overall good, but vocals were def drowned out by the bassline. The little whistle/flute licks (whatever you did there) behind the vocals sounds cool. A slight decrease in bass and increase in mids and treble would really open it up and shine.

DJ 6: The swung hi hats win. Just solid solid. Dope sampling. Only thing that bothered me a little was the choice of torha before the drop. Dhol loops are fun and easy to throw in but hard to make sound like they belong -- must be pitch matched to the rest of the mix and fill out the soundscape.

Vote: 1 & 6

3 could have gotten it if the mid section was as nice as the intro and drop


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DJ 1, DJ 6

1: I like the layering a lot and it was super clean, UK vibes. But the attempt at layering vocals on the last buildup was WEIRD. Octaves and sometimes 4ths or 5th are usually safe, but whatever you did here sounded off. Overall nice mix though.
2: Drums sounded nice and heavy but not much going on in terms of melodic concepts.
3: Layers didn't match
4: You didn't do anything on the drop
5: Nice dark vibe. Toosie slide vocals didn't really add to it for me.
6: I really like the Sanehval Chounk-ish direction you took with this. Nice!


1. Really nice overall- chords/synths were awesome. But agreed with Mohit, the vocal layers on the build up clashed key-wise. Loved the slow down during the build up.
2. Really liked the intro, thought the snares w/ phumniyan pattern was cool. The background samples once the vocals started sounded off-key (soni pabla (?) sample at the chorus felt off)
3. Intro concept is dope. You had a lot of cool concepts that I think could've been flushed out more, but it's a pretty short sample so didn't really get a full flavor of any of them. Felt like there was a snares-esque layer missing.
4. I liked the intro, pre-vocals, but then I felt like it never hit.
5. Dope mix overall. Love the Toosie Slide haha I'm partial to Drizzy. Thought the Mercy (?) sample at the end was a nice subtle addition. Vocals were drowned out a bit.
6. Such a clean sound. Felt like you picked your vibe and did it extremely well. Super awesome concept.

Vote: 1 and 6
5 was a difficult cut :(

DJ Jet

DJ 1 & 5

DJ 1: love the whole mix, nothing I could say to improve
DJ 5: Toosie Slideeeee this is so good lol. Love what you did to the vocals toward the end also
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