Week 1: Group H (VOTING CLOSED)

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DJ 1: Appreciate the modulation in the 808 pitch. Pre drop vocals were freshhh. Mix down was proper. Maybe the 2 counts before the drop, the drums could've been muted to build tension there. I would've changed up that snare on the drop for something punchier coz theres a clear slow down before and I would've wanted something to be more aggressive on the drop.

DJ 2: Theres a lot going on. The arranged didn't feel very unique or musically thought out. Kick was mixed well and the drop was nice for like a team mix vibe. Dhols were all sounding very different throughout, made the track seem less original and more like a live DJ was using a drum pad to fill in loops and sounds.

DJ 3: Vocals are too quiet. The melodic layers while interesting weren't mixed to compliment the song. The drop, maan you should've made your own drum loop. Using the snake drum loop made the drop more chill than the build up. It was like the segment was in reverse.

DJ 4: the song just kept going and i first thought i missed the drop. Create more tension on the build ups and draw the listener in for the drop. Unfortunately there was no memorability.

DJ 5: The arrangement on this is very good!! Vocals are too quiet for me tho. I had to really try to pay attention to the vocals to know which part of the song you are using. props for being the only person this whole round to use toosie slide appropriately lol.

DJ 6: Shit, this mix is a vibe. Appreciate how you've embraced the hip hop beat and focused your variations on other samples rather than the kicks like most people. A clean mix overall! A little swing on those drums had me groovin.

Tie between 1 & 6. Cant decide which vibe I enjoy more but both mixes are executed really well!


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My 1st place: DJ 6
My 2nd place DJ 1

A lot of solid mixes in this group, so great job to everyone, but these two stood out the most to me and I enjoyed listening to the most. DJ 5 was a contender for the top 2, so it was a difficult decision who to exclude.

~ Basim :)
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