Week 2 - BTF Ladder - 23. NKrishnan vs. 20. DJ Vox

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Please vote on which mix you like better by posting in the thread below. There's no poll. You must have a minimum of 10 posts to vote.

This challenge is between 23. NKrishnan and 20. DJ Vox. The original song is Mitran Da Naa Chalda by Harjit Harman.

DJ 1:

DJ 2:



Don't let the name fool you.
Mix 1: Interesting choice. I kinda wanted more Harjit Harman vocals in the mix itself. Sweet Nothing was mixed in very nicely though. I also liked the bit from 0:21-0:27.
Mix 2: More 'traditional' concept, but it hit. But it didn't separate itself from other mixes.

Mix 1 for being more creative.


Very clearly DJ 1, but I'll give some feedback still:

DJ 1:
Very nice mix. I'm a bit partial to sweet nothing because we used it in CMU's mix this year so I've listened to it about 100 times with that drop going into Ghera De De. I though the build up was good. I would have cut up a 2 or 4 beat dhol beat from mitraan and put it in the sweet nothing build up vocals (before the drum roll). Just to establish the mix and set the vision.

I also thought the choice was honestly a bit flawed. That mitraan chorus is begging for a slow deep beat, and Sweet nothing picks up and doubles the synths so often I thought it clashed a lot with the heavy dhol beat that came in. Sweet Nothing is awesome when it's moving fast and letting the synths go. At a slower speed I just don't get that same feeling out of it because the it's meant to be flighty and quick, and doesn't carry the weight some other songs are capable of.

The mix sounds really really good when it should have sound great. That said, I think you had some reverses to fill in empty spots in sweet nothing :)36-:43). I don't know if that was in the instrumental or you added it but I thought it worked nicely to break up the mix and add something to engage the listener so good choice there.

Everything melds together nicely, EQ was nice, vision was solid. Excellent mix, reuse this bad boy somewhere

DJ 2:
Just didn't sound like the keys matched, and obviously there wasn't much technical work. I think it was clearly a rushed product rather than a true example of work so it doesn't really need dissection...just get em on the next one!


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honestly was not a fan of either of the mixes, but talking quality wise DJ 1 did a good job


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Huge fan of the original song although it's a bit more "recent" than the others used in this week's challenge. I've heard many bhangra remixes use this song due to the popularity it gained circa 2004-2006. Good song choice though mods!

My vote: DJ 1


DJ 1 - Unique concept and great build up! Loved that you started off with the original song's vocal, then went into a small build up, and then right back into the original song again! That's the type of stuff that I like to hear since you didn't just devote the first 26 seconds to a random/non-related intro segment (that has nothing to do with the original song given to mix). I absolutely loved the transition piece used at 0:25-0:29 with the combination of original vocals + kick drum effects + the rap voice thrown in. It was just brutal and the only thing that I would have liked to hear afterward is a bass drop. I wanted to hear some solid bass in your mix so bad and that would have an amazing time to drop it. It seems the mix was EQed fairly well, but I can feel the preference by the mixer for more emphasis on the mid-range. I can definitely hear SOME low-end bass after 0:29, but I would just like to hear a bit more. Overall, I thought the idea of slowing down the song was great and it was executed well. I didn't really like your ending too much (0:55 to the end), but the rest of your mix was solid. I thought the length of your mix was perfect, otherwise if you would have kept the same tempo, it would have gotten too "repetitive" sounding for me. Definitely can hear your mix (or the concept at least) being used in a team's competition mix. Great work overall.

DJ 2 - There was too much going on for me to truly enjoy and the sounds clashed in my ears. I didn't like how the same background sound (more like "noise" to me) was used throughout the mix - I would have cut it off and changed things up when the vocals dropped at 0:13ish. The "swoosh" sound at 0:22-0:23 is probably a nice effect, but you can hardly hear it because your background "noise" overpowers it. A lot more could have been done to your mix to set yourself apart, but I think this mix wasn't given as much attention to as DJ 1's mix. Would like to see you step up your creativity more and make your mixes sound more "clean."

~ Basim :)
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