Week 2 Matchup 1: DJ Vig vs. Akash Bansal

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Below are the mixes for matchup 1 of our third week in the mixing ladder! Both DJs were assigned the song Naina di Goli by Jelly, linked below. These two DJ's were tasked with making a Slow Dhamaal segment.

DJ 1:

DJ 2:

You can vote by commenting below with your choice of which DJ (1 or 2) mixed the song more effectively. Feedback is also welcome.
Voting closes on Thursday, July 12th at 11:59 pm EST. Remember that voting is only open to those with 10 or more BTF posts. Your vote will not be counted if you do not have at least 10 posts.
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DJ 1: I liked the way it started out with the use of stereo spread, I think the vocals had a little too much reverb on em. The Kanye/Jay-Z samples I heard in there didn't really match the song all that much. The drop felt kind of muddy, but that ending dhol part with the sarangi was cool.

DJ 2: Mix had a little more variance and was well balanced, I thought the "dum de dum" sample was a little awkward but on the buildup to the drop it actually made it bouncy and hit hard. Felt like a strong drop to a slow dhamaal segment.

My vote's for DJ 2


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DJ 2, I thought the continuation of the dum de dum sample following the first drop really helped maintain the energy throughout the second half of the song


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DJ 1: Sounded really nice, loved that you made a much fuller sounding mix that occupied more of the sonic spectrum, but yeah the reverb and the drop just sounded made it sound a little too muddy and I think the transition outta the drop could have been a little bit smoother

DJ 2: More understated and cleaner sounding in comparison. Wish the mix was a tad more bottom heavy to round out the mix just a bit but I liked the drop more.

Vote DJ 2


DJ 1's mix sounded kinda messy and compressed, and could've used some tighter leveling to balance it out some more. Vocals also could've been a bit cleaner as well.

DJ 2 was definitely cleaner and that brought out the drop at the end a bit more, though I wasn't huge on the dum dum sample - maybe pan it so it doesn't compete as much with the main vocals? Anyways my vote goes to DJ 2 - solid mix.


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I vote DJ2
DJ1 needs to work on cleaning up their mix a bit. Definitely a full sounding mix but also muddy at many points especially the drop. DJ2 not too much I can complain about , not a huge fan of the sample at the end.


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Love the song - great choice mixing mods!

Wasn't crazy about either mix, but my vote DJ 2 for that well executed drop and outro.

~ Basim :)
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