Week 2 Matchup 11: DJ Chet vs. Mogul

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Below are the mixes for matchup 11 of our third week in the mixing ladder! Both DJs were assigned the song Dupatta Tera Satt Rang Da, linked below. Mixers were asked to remix this song as a Phummaniya segment.

**Please note that DJ 1 and DJ 2's mix was flagged for copyright on Soundcloud, so we have uploaded it as a Google Drive file. If you are unable to access it on a mobile device, please use your computer. If there are still access issues, PM a mod.**

Each mixer's submissions are also listed below anonymously.

DJ 1:

DJ 2:

You can vote by commenting below with your choice of which DJ (1 or 2) mixed the song more effectively. Feedback is also welcome.
Voting closes on Thursday, July 12th at 11:59 pm EST. Remember that voting is only open to those with 10 or more BTF posts. Your vote will not be counted if you do not have at least 10 posts.


DJ 2 gets this mostly b/c I don't think there was a whole lot going in DJ 1's mix that really added much to the song or transformed it.

I dug DJ 2's bassline - gave it a nice groove. Was a nice and transparent mix which I appreciated and wasn't overly complicated.


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I can't actually vote yet because I haven't posted enough, but here are my my thoughts about either mix. I agree that DJ1 maybe didn't do enough and I think the hi hats were definitely overused. They lose their emphasis when they are used so indiscriminately. I liked DJ2's creativity with layering so many different elements, but I think at times the overall mix felt slightly dissonant. I think this was maybe particularly a problem when the drums were pitched up and down from 0:33 to 0:51. Besides that though, I think DJ2 did more to make this song his own, so I'd vote DJ2.


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I can see where DJ1 was going but didn’t have the production skills to complete their idea unfortunately. I actually think DJ1’s has really good potential.
DJ2 actually used a phumaniya dholki beat which is cool. There was a point before the second drop that the instrumentals sounded out of key, and that “hoi” got annoying after the first iteration. Good mix, right idea.
I vote DJ2


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Classic song.

With DJ 1's mix, I loved the bass line and beats that hit deep, but as through the mix was good up until 30 seconds or so.. but I felt the drop should have been better and needs some variety after that. The bass just got redundant and didn't mesh well with the rest of the mix.

Loved what DJ 2 did with the song. Way to keep the theme in mind as well - as kman58 stated above, the phumaniya beat was a nice touch (0:33 and 0:37 was hot!). Outro was also dope too, great job overall!

My vote: DJ 2

~ Basim :)
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