Week 2 Matchup 2: kRRn Mixes vs. Paaji

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Below are the mixes for matchup 2 of our second week in the mixing ladder! Both DJs were assigned the song Changey Din by Prabh Saini, linked below.

Each mixer's submissions are also listed below anonymously.

DJ 1:

DJ 2:

You can vote by commenting below with your choice of which DJ (1 or 2) mixed the song more effectively. Feedback is also welcome.
Voting closes on Thursday, July 12th at 11:59 pm EST. Remember that voting is only open to those with 10 or more BTF posts. Your vote will not be counted if you do not have at least 10 posts.


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DJ 2 because they pushed the boundaries for a saap segment, with that being said you don't want to go too far which may have been the case at some points because then it becomes hard to dance too. It was really close for my decision DJ 1 played it a bit too safe imo, but made a cool track as well. I feel like in terms of mixing the bass can be implemented more so instead of ducking the 808s make room for them inside the whole mix.


This is tough - on one hand you have a really unconventional, yet creative mix with DJ 2 that may not be conducive to a sapp segment. On the other hand you have a more straightforward, fast/hype sapp segment that's executed well. I agree with @SuaveSahib in that the 808's could've been more prominent and punchy to really bring it to that next level, but otherwise it was a really solid cut.

I really appreciate the creativity in DJ 2's cut, and the execution is also there with the mix sounding clear and balanced. Overall it's just good mixing. However, if I was trying to make choreo I'm not sure I'd use this as a sapp segment, probably a mid-tempo bhangra seg or something idk.

Anyways, I'm gonna give it to DJ 2 just because I think it's an example of really solid, creative mixing, and while making choreo would be tough it definitely wouldn't be impossible with the right vision and ideas to go along with it.


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DJ1: The laser at 0:36 really stuck out in a bad way. The drops were pretty cool though.
DJ2: The rhythm of the drums was kinda weird before the drop. There also a lot of random parts throughout the mix, didn't feel entirely like a saap segment.
I vote DJ1.


For both mixes i thought the drops could have used a bit more oomph. I liked the fact that DJ 2 didnt pitch shift the vocals, I thought it gave the mix more weight, but I also wasn't a huge fan of the effects on the vocals after DJ 2's drop. DJ 2's mix would definitely be a slower saap segment but would allow for some more creativity imo so my vote goes to DJ 2.


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DJ 1: really like what you did at 1:11 with that backbeat really solid stuff throughout.
DJ 2: I liked that you used some pretty non conventional stuff especially in the second half of the seg.
DJ 2


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In the context of a sapp segment, my vote would be DJ 1 for this. Just an overall cleaner, more exciting mix to listen to with the right builds and drops.

DJ 1 lacked the creativity of DJ 2. If there were more layered melodies or instrumentals to complement the hype kick/snare, it would’ve sold me hands down on DJ1. DJ2 could’ve incorporated stronger kick in the mix and brought the vocals out a bit more. Both DJs could’ve had WAY more prominence in their use of dhol, barely heard any at all.


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My vote goes to DJ 1 for better fitting with the saap segment theme. DJ 2 definitely had the more creative mix & the equalization was better - I loved how vocals sounded a lot more prominent than DJ 1's mix.. but unfortunately DJ 2's mix just isn't "saap segment friendly" - i.e. the outro would be crazy hard to dance to with saaps.

~ Basim :)
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Not a fan of the themes, dont cap the mixers creativity. I can't vote here, DJ 2 had a solid creative mix but DJ 1 followed instructions better
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