Week 2 Matchup 3: DoubleA vs. Amundeep

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Below are the mixes for matchup 3 of our third week in the mixing ladder! Both DJs were assigned the song Talk is Cheap by Manni Sandhu, linked below. Mixers were instructed to remix this song as a fast Bhangra segment.

Each mixer's submissions are also listed below anonymously.

DJ 1:

DJ 2:

You can vote by commenting below with your choice of which DJ (1 or 2) mixed the song more effectively. Feedback is also welcome.
Voting closes on Thursday, July 12th at 11:59 pm EST. Remember that voting is only open to those with 10 or more BTF posts. Your vote will not be counted if you do not have at least 10 posts.


DJ 1 coming with that straight up menacing horn sample. Damn, that shit was grimy throughout. Loved the creativity and build up from that slow, methodical (and kinda scary lol) intro into a more conventional fast bhangra seg. Adding the strings and synths definitely added to the vibe as well - good stuff.

I liked DJ 2's use of a lot of different hip hop samples throughout and interpolating them throughout. However sometimes it didn't mesh super well and kind of threw off the momentum of the mix. On my headphones the high end was also a bit harsh and the mix could've been better spaced and balanced overall. I appreciated the desire to be creative and incorporate different sounds, just need to clean up the levels a bit.

My vote goes to DJ 1


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DJ1: The hek sounded out of key to me. I thought the horn really stuck out and all the little details didn't really seem to fit well in the mix.
DJ2: The mix also didn't really sound clean, it was kinda mushy at some parts.
My vote: DJ2


DJ 1 - Sounded great in terms of spacing, levels etc. The horn crowded the mix a lot - It was great in the intro and the drop but it could have been stripped back a bit for the verse to give the mix some more drama.
DJ 2 - Even if the mix was a little distorted, overall I'd rather use DJ 2's mix as a fast bhangra segment. I liked the prominent beat in the verse and then the addition of dhol for the drop.
I vote DJ 2


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DJ 1: intro is absolute flames, that grimy intro just matches the song well.
DJ 2: samples sprinkled throughout is super well done.

I'm gonna go with DJ 1, but damn these mixes are both crazy good
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Unfortunately my opinion differs from some expressed here in that I didn’t really enjoy either of these mixes. Talk Is Cheap is such a hoootttt Song and has the potential to be made hotter with the right ideas behind it.

Fortunately, both mixes had the right ideas but neither executed their ideas well. DJ1 both the horn and the heik were out of key, which carried obviously throughout the mix and ruined my listening experience to what was potentially a banging remix. DJ2 the idea to intersperse the hip hop was brilliant, but again you had your off-key moments. Also there were some parts where the hip hop thrown in was just random (like the last one).
I vote DJ2 because of the higher potential and less frequent dissonance/off-pitch moments in the mix.


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My vote goes to DJ 1 for better fitting with the theme, although I feel a lot more could have been done in your mix. Intro was really nice, but wtf was with the outro. Seems like you ran out of time and just cut the mix where you could get to, lol.

DJ 2 had some solid creativity scattered throughout, but I wasn't a whole a big fan of how many random rap samples were used. Loved how the mix felt slightly faster paced at 0:48 onward. Outro was much better than DJ 1, but I just felt DJ 1 better fit the fast bhangra segment theme.

~ Basim :)
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