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Week 3: Bracket A - Matchup 4 (Voting Closed)

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Below are the mixes for Bracket A - Matchup 4 in the mixing ladder! Please vote for your favorite mix below. Feedback is also welcome, and encouraged!

Voting closes on Thursday, June 4th at 11:59 pm EST. Remember that voting is only open to valid BTF accounts. Newly made accounts will be monitored for possible foul play.

As a reminder, if mixers vote on every OTHER matchup (BOTH BRACKETS) for this week, they will have 2 votes added to their own matchup’s tally in their favor! DO NOT VOTE IN YOUR OWN MATCHUP!

The theme of the matchup was creating Saap Segments with old school songs.
Both DJs were assigned the song Ranjha Jogi Hoya-Kuldeep Manak , linked below:

DJ 1:

DJ 2:


DJ 2 the original song was definitely EQ'd a bit better in this one and the layering and creativity showed through a bit better in the second mix. 1 was still a great mix tho great stuff!


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2- because the prompt was to create a saap, and 2’s mix had much more of a modern saap vibe to it with the addition the Rick Ross “huh”


Love both segments but Dj 2 was more hyped and sounded more like a shika seg , if Dj 1 had the main drop more impactful and the mix a bit faster I woulda gave it to him.

My vote Dj 2


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My vote: DJ 2

This was tough because DJ 1 was very creative and EQing was better. I loved the deep bass notes and small things llike the pitch shift with the vocals at 0:53 - but the mix didn't fit the theme of the week as well as DJ 2. If this was just an average week without a theme, I would have gave you my vote.

DJ 2 - good mix that fit the theme, but please work on EQ. I was wanting to feel some deep bass like DJ 1, but your mix lacked a lot of instrumental separation - the mids were congested in your mix. I'm glad you changed this ups/showed something different between 0:21-0:26 (and then 0:36 afterwards), because without that the mix sounded too much of the same. I also enjoyed your ending.

~ Basim :)


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This was tough because DJ 1 had much better eq'ing and cleaner layering but was missing an actual hit lol. Whereas DJ 2 had hits was but was much messier. Gonna go with DJ 1


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DJ1, buildup was super hot, but the drop into the first verse had no depth to it. Same with the main drop, super hot buildup but no musical substance in the drop. Maybe another musical layer on those drops, coupled with a subtle hi-hat pattern, could've helped a lot. Mix overall was very clean and your beats were distinct, which is important for a props segment.
DJ2, the pacing was closer to a sapp segment but the messy mixing (especially on that shrill-y dhol) made it super hard to keep and follow the beat. I liked the direction, and this would've been my clear vote had the mixing been cleaner in a way that this mix became danceable without too much effort to find the true beat.

My vote is DJ1.


DJ 1 - solid overall, would've liked some harder-hitting drops but was definitely the cleaner of the two
DJ 2 - generally muddy and as kman said that dhol was rather shrill. that being said the buildup was cool pre-drop

I vote DJ 1


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DJ 1: This started off nice but fell flat as soon as the opening synth line got taken out. Sounded like the mix ran into a brick wall and had to rebuild itself after that point. However, i will say that it did so pretty well (loved the drum/percussion line).

DJ 2: The instrumentals didn't do much for Manak's voice here imo. Kind of made the whole thing obsolete. However i did enjoy the structure of this mix compared to DJ 1.

My vote: Very close call but DJ 1


DJ 1 : Loved the creativity with the drums, thought this could be made for a really unique saap segment
DJ 2: A little harsh with the mid/high end of the percussion, but like others have said, more traditional structure.

My vote DJ 1
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