Week 3: Bracket B - Matchup 3 (Voting Closed)

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Below are the mixes for Bracket B - Matchup 3 in the mixing ladder! Please vote for your favorite mix below. Feedback is also welcome, and encouraged!

Voting closes on Thursday, June 4th at 11:59 pm EST. Remember that voting is only open to valid BTF accounts. Newly made accounts will be monitored for possible foul play.

As a reminder, if mixers vote on every OTHER matchup (BOTH BRACKETS) for this week, they will have 2 votes added to their own matchup’s tally in their favor! DO NOT VOTE IN YOUR OWN MATCHUP!

The theme of the matchup was creating Saap Segments with old school songs.
Both DJs were assigned the song Jagga Dakoo - Kuldeep Manak, linked below:

DJ 1: (No Mix submitted)

DJ 2:

DJ 3:


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My vote: DJ 3 - dam, that was fire! Absolutely loved how at 0:39, you used the sound clip with the dhad effect in the background, then shifted the pace of the track to a slower pace for little over 10 second, followed by gradually bringing the fast paced sound back. It was done so well. If you listen closely, there was so much creativity shown by this DJ throughout the mix. Impressive.

~ Basim :)


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DJ2, this had so much potential. Super clean mixing, some of the cleanest I've heard this whole ladder thus far probably. My issues with this were lack of dhol and lack of musical variation. You used the same choral melodic theme throughout the entire track, and I felt like it could've definitely been spiced up with some sort of instrumental on the drop (maybe a tumbi or algoza beat to give it that extra punjabi feel). This also definitely needed dhol behind it, it's a sapp segment after all.

DJ3, phenomenal, loved every second of this. Might be the hottest thing period I've heard all ladder so far. The only critique I'd have is that at ~:54 the bass and kick drop are the exact same as the previous time you introduced Jeona Morh, so maybe a harder snare or subtle hi-hat pattern there could've helped change things up in a good way.

My vote for DJ3, although a great effort from DJ2 nonetheless.


Imma go with DJ 3 cuz it sounded more like a saap segment. Can't say enough about the creativity in this mix. DJ 2 was too crowded in the lower range for my taste. Hype requires more than a strong trap beat!


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DJ 2 - I enjoyed the instrumental (synths) in the back even though it got kinda repetitive. I wish this dj would have done more with it by using a dif part of it or introducing a new instrumental layer on top. Also fell kinda flat as a saap segment.

DJ 3 - Loved the flow, could've chilled a bit on the hois but thats no big deal overall. Both songs worked mad well together here.

My vote: DJ 3


DJ 2: Sounded like it could have been really cool but could have used more variations or additional sounds to make it pop
DJ 3: The slowdown at :45 and the last part of the mix was fire. The drop at the end fell a little short maybe you could have sunk the vocals into the mix a little more but really cool idea.

My vote : DJ 3


DJ 2: I think this is a little off key, but I like the gliding sample in the background. Interesting tempo choice, never really Hits though.

DJ 3: *Rick Ross grunt* I like the creativity shown here. Cool concept.

Vote: DJ 3
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