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Week 3 Bracket Round Wrap Up!


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We are excited to announce the winners from each match-up this past week!

We are now down to 4 DJs remaining in Bracket A and 6 DJs remaining in Bracket B. Thank you all for your votes across our threads and for providing feedback to the mixers in each matchup! For those DJ's who were eliminated this round, we appreciate the strong efforts you displayed during the first two rounds and hope you took away some great mixing insight. We encourage you to continue voting in our future rounds.

The next challenge songs will be emailed out to all DJs on Monday. If you do not receive an email by Tuesday morning, please contact us.

See links for the brackets below:

Bracket A

Bracket B

If there are any discrepancies in voting count or bracket information please do not hesitate to contact us at btfmixingchallenge@gmail.com.


Bracket A

Matchup 1: DJ Sahota beat JuicyDev (18 to 1)
Matchup 2: DoubleA beat Monga (13 to 9)
Matchup 3: Swiss Cheesy beat TWEAKZ (21 to 1)
Matchup 4: V.C. Beats beat DJ Loop Daddy Flex (15 to 8)

Bracket B

Matchup 1: DJ S3 beat Saiborg. (18 to 1)
Matchup 2: KSM beat SSK Productions (18 to 1)
Matchup 3: Dadoo beat G-Tam and Bhamra Beatz (19 to 0 & 2)
Matchup 4: Lakha beat parmszn (11 to 9)
Matchup 5: DJ Subsonic beat jassa G (22 to 0)
Matchup 6: ApBoomin beat Snthetic and Abbabeats (No submission from opponents)