Week 3 - BTF Ladder - 27. Kaurageous vs. 24. Minhasa

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Please vote on which mix you like better by posting in the thread below. There's no poll. You must have a minimum of 10 posts to vote. Voting ends at 11:59 PST on Tuesday night!

This challenge is between 27. Kaurageous and 24. Minhasa. The challenge was to make a regular bhangra segment. The original song is Mitran de Shaunk by Jessy Bajwa.

DJ 1:

DJ 2:


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DJ 1: Beginning with the obvious: Overused instrumental but it flows decently -- until the end. It gets way off beat. The ending is also kind of anti-climactic as a verse was beginning and you faded it out. For the future, try to take some more time to properly cut and splice your clips so that there's a a more dynamic feel.

DJ 2: The vibe of the beat was really off from the original song -- for me. Others may appreciate it, not sure. It felt out of pitch throughout and that's just a basic fundamental that you have to master before going anywhere else.

Also, Harman completely spoiled us with his mix so its hard to listen to either of them with a smile on my face.

Thematically, I have to ignore the last 20 seconds and go with DJ 1 because its dancable to an extent. The pitch difference in DJ 2's mix is too apparent.


DJ1: That instrumental is so over used and beginning started with volume decreasing to increasing not good for intro. I stopped listening to it at :46 pitches shifted bad.

DJ2: The whole mix felt like off pitched.



Vote: DJ 1

DJ 1: when i played your mix, i instantly told myself that im not voting for you because of the instrumental you used

DJ 2: then i played your mix, and the pitch difference was so absurd that it gave me no choice but to vote for DJ 1


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My vote: DJ 1


DJ 1 - Wow, the black & yellow instrumental is so overdone! I was hoping for some more creativity to come later in your mix, but that never happened. Your equalization needs work too - the mix felt very flat to me (there should be instrumental separation). Also, there is no rule that you have to keep the same instrumental/background effect throughout your entire mix - change things up to keep the listener engaged and eager for more! Remember, you only have a minute to mix - use it wisely! This is simply an "average" mix that didn't require much work imho. I feel you're lucky that your "opponent" (DJ 2) had issues with being really off pitch, because I don't feel your mix could easily hold up against most other mixes.

DJ 2 - As others rightly stated, your mix was all over the place with pitch issues. That was awfully annoying. Things went haywire and completely off beat starting at 0:12ish - it was a pain to listen to. With such a song, I felt you could have been WAY more creative and utilized different effects in a unique fashion. The effects you choose to use and the way you used them, sounded like you're a beginner to this. I would recommend you listen to mixes from DJ's higher up in the ranking to get a better feel for how they execute. The one thing that I did like about your mix over DJ 1 was your equalization, so good job on that.

Neither one of you guys really came up with a creative "intro" or an "outro." Your opportunity to quickly engage the listener and your opportunity to leave a lasting impression was lost! Please try harder to think outside of the box and don't be scared to test your limits. Heck if either of you stepped outside of your comfort zone without sounding too chaotic, I would have probably awarded you the "win" this week. With the song given for this challenge, which is relatively "easy" to incorporate into a bhangra mix already, I was expecting a bit more from both DJ's.

Keep at it guys! These comments are only meant to help you improve your individual talent and to push yourself.

~ Basim :)


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Mix1 was fairly standard in the beginning but as others have pointed out became really off-beat late in the mix and then faded out quite abruptly. I think DJ1 might have taken '1min mix' literally? In any case, you have some ideas, but think of something else that hasn't already been done.

Mix2 started off well to me. I was very curious how it was going to turn out and then the mix started around 0.12 or so... I really don't want to sound mean or condescending in any way (I can't mix for my life...), but it didn't sound good. I do appreciate the non-standard intro/concept but the mismatched pitches really make it difficult to listen to. I think you have a lot of room to grow and definitely look forward to future mixes by you.

Vote: Mix1
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