Week 3 - BTF Ladder - 5. Sangeen vs. 3. DJ Jassi

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Too many rookies, not enough GABROOS
DJ 2 would've had my vote, no questions asked, but only if there were a prominent bassline in the mix.

Vote: DJ 1


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I guess I'll be going against the people who actually know things about mixing but my vote is for DJ 2.

I thought DJ 1 took to long to get to the actual song although parts of the beginning were pretty sick.
Mix 2 was pretty light and happy. Kind of slow in the beginning but I thought it picked up well towards the middle.


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DJ 1: Intro was nice. But I felt like there was too much missing on the mids and highs.
DJ 2: Felt this was much cleaner than DJ 1.

I can see myself dancing to DJ 2's mix over DJ 1.
Vote: DJ 2


DJ 1: Hype was there, but I felt like the punjabi song didn't fit well. Dark beat with a light song.

DJ 2: Clean mix! Although it wasn't as hard hitting as the first, the Replay instrumental gave a smooth feel throughout.

Vote: DJ 2


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for sure very close...and all the critiques I mostly agree with it. 1 was hard hitting but took long to get to the actual song, 2 wasn't as hard hitting but played to the songs strengths.

For a fast paced segment though, I think I see myself dancing to 1 more, so my vote goes to DJ 1.


DJ1: first 12 seconds were what a waste lol..I liked the beginning but it carried so many other beats and songs that felt like intro was dragging. I wish you had built up a better dhol beat :47 to drop the vocal..beat was sick and hits nice.

DJ2: straight up to the point..that dhol beat in the beginning had my vote but that clinging beat in the back is annoying. You should have added little bit more bass in like your other mixes..this mix is chill and cleaner than 1.



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My vote: DJ 1


DJ 1 - Creative intro. I enjoyed the buildup into the main song, but be careful with stretching this out in the future because you really pushed the length of the "opening segment." You didn't hit the main song until about 0:47 - that's more than half of your entire mix! I would say you're lucky that your mix was closer to the theme, otherwise I would preferred another mix that "got to the point" a lot sooner. I would have preferred if the vocals popped out a tad more in your mix as well because your background effects were getting close to overpowering the song. I personally didn't like the boomy bass used from 1:00-1:06ish. You had fairly simply and clean outro, which was good finish. Not bad overall.

DJ 2 - I liked that you "cut to the chase" with the intro and went into talking the song. Due to this, your intro wasn't as "hype" and you didn't have the buildup that DJ 1 had, so maybe devote a little more time to how you open your mixes. I liked the concept of mixing an English song with the beginning of Putt Jatt Da and using "Replay" was okay choice. What I didn't like was a lack of bass/lows! My sub was drooling for it and your mix never delivered. You seemed to stay in the mid's and played more on the high. This really hurt you. This is why equalization is so important - I love hearing a full spectrum of sound! I liked what you did with the ending, but felt you could have used a few more seconds to close it. It was a bit abrupt at the end.

~ Basim :)
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