Week 5 - BTF Ladder- 5. DJ Preet vs. 2. GSingh

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also.. no download links?

Updated. The song is now attached to the original post. 8)

how about the mixes ;D

That is at the discretion of the mixers. We will keep them private unless given exclusive permission to do otherwise. Hopefully both of these mixers make full versions and release soon! :)


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DJ 2

DJ 1: Mix was really well constructed but just did not understand that JT vocal...it was a real cringe moment when it came out purely because the pitch was wrong. The fade at 00:33 was sweet and added a nice touch to the middle section of the track.

DJ 2: I really enjoyed the instrumental section at the beginning but must agree with the earlier comments about something just being the wrong pitch...still, after a few listens you accept it and it works.


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DJ 1 was going so well in the beginning but the JT ending seemed to come from no where. I was really diggin it but the ending made the aftertaste bitter :(

DJ 2 had a nice build up and the ending faded out seamlessly. It was also interesting how he made the song a bit more uppety and happy with the dholki beat.

Vote: DJ 2


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This is probably the only hindi song that I like haha im going to have to give it too DJ 1
this song doesn't sound as good when its up beat its just more of a relaxing song


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My vote: DJ 2


DJ 1 - I thought the English song at 0:47 wasn't blended as well it could have been - it was not on pitch at all and really clashed with the original song. The concept was nice, but execution was lacking. Overall, I couldn't tell that you changed as much from the original track.

DJ 2 - When I first heard your intro, just like Swi, I immediately thought of the song "Dilemma" by Nelly & Kelly Rowland. Wow, what a throwback that was! lol. There was a fairly clean transition made at 0:22 with that DJ scratch pad type of sound (sorry, not sure how to describe it) and with the beat you threw into the background. I honestly loved that tabla introduction & the transition right afterwards. It is a great concept and shows creativity. You even changed up the tabla beat and made it flow when the vocals went into a brief pause after the phrase "zamana chor denge hum" at around 0:55. I'm glad that you decided to bring back Nelly's "awweehhh" sound at around 0:59 because that led to your outro actually fitting in quite well. Nice work overall!

~ Basim :)
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