Week 5 - BTF Ladder- 7. Swizzee vs. 4. NsD

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My vote: DJ 2

DJ 1, I thought your intro was unique and done well. My favorite part of your mix was from 0:37-0:48, but there just wasn't enough creativity in the overall mix to take down DJ 2. When you're this high up in the rankings, you really have to push yourself to think outside of the box (take risks) and make a clean mix overall. Unfortunately, I think you only did the latter. You still came up with a very good mix, so not trying to discredit you.

Easy decision here with the win going to DJ 2 imho - that was such a unique concept and executed so well. Honestly, one of the best mixes that I've heard throughout the mixing ladder competition. Please release a full version of this mashup!

~ Basim :)
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