*Week 5 Prize for Overall Week's Winner!*

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In collaboration with @thebhangrapodcast, we are very excited to announce a special episode that will feature BTF's Mixing Ladder with an exclusive interview with Week 5's overall winner! The winner will be selected by creating a mix that defeats their opponent in their respective one-on-one challenge -AND- defeats all other winning mixes for that week. BRING YOUR A-GAME MIXERS, this battle is about to get HYPED!

The Bhangra Podcast has a very diverse following over a multitude of platforms including Soundcloud, Facebook, Sticher, Twitter, iTunes, Instagram, TuneIn, YouTube, etc. This is a wonderful opportunity to have your voice heard and have your talent showcased to a large audience.

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More Info: The Bhangra Podcast is a series of podcasts focusing on Bhangra, Music, the competitive and non-competitive bhangra scene, and misc other topics

- The Mixing Mods


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This is a great prize! Thanks to the mods for organizing the ladder for over a month and coming up with effective solutions and prizes to keep the ladder alive!
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