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Week 5 Wrap Up and Week 6 Callout Thread

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Thank you to all of those who submitted mixes and voted this week! As the school year begins, we understand it is tough for people to find time to submit mixes, so again if you foresee any business in your schedules let us know ahead of time.

**Stay tuned for the poll that will determine the mixer featured on the Bhangra Podcast!!**

The results are as follows:
Sahota Productions vs. Kalerity (Kalerity dropped)
a minhas productions vs. s.h (s.h declined)
Venk1 vs. Wadz (Wadz dropped)
DJ Monga vs. Str8 5abi (No mix submitted)
Ja$han-a-Ja$han beat DoubleA 4-3
DJ Vig beat RSD (no submission from mixer)
DJ Chet beat MSB (no submission from mixer)
DJ Juggy beat DJ A2 (no submission from mixer, DJ A2 has been eliminated)
DJ MOMO beat Suave Sahib 7-0
DJ Mandown beat Ns_moose 6-4
DJ Monga beat Str8 5abi (no submission from mixer, Str8 5abi has been eliminated)

Here are the updated rankings:

1. DJ Vig
2. kRRn MiXeS
3. RSD
4. paaji
5. Saiborg
6. Ja$han-a-Ja$han
8. DoubleA
9. Suave Sahib
10. DJ A2
11. DJ Juggy
12. Akash Bansal
13. Amundeep
14. DJ Chet
15. Venk1
16. Mogul
17. MSB
18. Wadz
19. DJ ManDown
20. Ns_moose
21. DJ Monga
22. a minhas productions
23. s.h
24. Str8 5abi
25. Sahota Productions
26. DJ M

**Please note that the callouts will begin TODAY in THIS THREAD. You have until 12:00 pm Sunday (8/26) to call out/accept your next challenge**

As a reminder, if a you accept a challenge, but are unresponsive or late, you automatically lose that round and face a strike or a demotion to the bottom of the ladder. If you expect to be late with your mix, PM a mod ahead of time. After 2 rounds of inactivity, you will automatically be removed from the ladder. Revisit the following thread if you would like to review the Mixing Ladder rules.

Challenges are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Pending Challenges:

DoubleA(8) challenges Saiborg(5)
DJ Chet (14) challenges Akash Bansal (12)

Confirmed Challenges:

DJ MOMO (7) challenges paaji (4)
Suave Sahib (9) challenges Ja$han-a-Ja$han (6)
ManDown (19) challenges Mogul (16)
kRRn MiXeS (2) challenges DJ Vig (1)
DjMonga (21) challenges Sahota Productions (25)
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