Week 7 - BTF Ladder - 13. Mohan Singh vs. 10. DJ sK

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Please vote on which mix you like better by posting in the thread below. There's no poll, and you must have a minimum of 10 posts to vote. Voting ends at noon PST on Saturday, November 16th.

This challenge is between 13. Mohan Singh and 10. DJ sK. The task was to make a finale segment.

The original song is Kudi Sapni Vargi - Nishawn Bhullar. It should be in the media center.

DJ 1:

DJ 2:


I felt DJ 1 had a nice hype building up, but didn't finish it strong. DJ2 was the total opposite, with a slow beginning, but a great ending that was danceable. Overall, great mixes by both.

Vote: DJ2


Since the whole point was to make a finale segment for this week, keeping the theme intact my vote goes to DJ 1


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My vote: DJ 1


DJ 1 - I honestly wasn't feeling the intro too much. I couldn't see it being used by a team for their final song. After 0:20 when the mix provided a good buildup and the tempo of the song was increased, it started to sound good. I would have liked if you increased the volume of the upper frequencies so the vocals would have hit harder. They sounded a bit drounded out to me. I liked the transition from 0:38-0:42 and the background effects you used right after that with the sounds rotating from speaker to speaker several times. I liked the simply dhol ending because I could imagine a dholi coming on stage to play along with the team existing the stage or posing at the end, so that makes me feel that you actually thought about the theme.

DJ 2 - Almost immediately I could tell your mix was EQed a lot better. You threw in a lot of effects to make your mix sound unique, but I wish you would have shown more creativity with changing up the actual song (i.e. increasing the tempo, bringing in a unique instrumental or song, playing with various volume levels, putting in some voice clips, etc). Your mix remained a lot more similar to the original song than DJ 1's mix. Almost all of the effects you used were so basic and that it wasn't fun to listen to. Even the outro felt so plain.

I honestly wasn't "wowed" by either mix, but I gave the win to DJ 1 for attempting to think outside of the box and for being a bit more creative.

~ Basim :)
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