What are your favourite mixes to listen to while driving?


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Can you please ZIP all the bhangra mixes and upload it to rapidshare or similar? Thanks!


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Metal: Mostly The Word Alive and System of a Down. Kinda lost interest in metal

Electro/Dub: some skrillex. Wolfgang Gartner, Flux Pavillion, Bassnectar, bloody Beetroots, Modestep, Hadouken, ill.gates and other i find on Spotify

Electro/Dub/Metal: Enter Shikari <- hands down best produced album over any language and genre. Has everything from heavy ass metal, to very techo/dubby, to mellow songs. I cant stop listening to them. Prolly the only band that puts 110% into each album w/ the production level.

Fav song: [SIZE=78%]Enter Shikari - Arguing With Thermometers (Official Music Video)[/SIZE]

Fav Wolfgang: [SIZE=78%]Wolfgang Gartner - Wolfgang's 5th Symphony (Radio Edit)[/SIZE]

Fav Flux: [SIZE=78%]Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon (Official Video)[/SIZE]

Bassnectar i just found this morning, its straight up fire. (APD used Here We GO in there elite 8 mix). : [SIZE=78%]Bassnectar - Here We Go (Official)[/SIZE]

Haduoken: they need to release some new material lol. [SIZE=78%]Hadouken! - M.A.D. [Official Music Video][/SIZE]

If you looking for new music overall just get Spotify, and just search band names/artists. And use Radio app in it. Thats how i found most of the dubstep songs.


VCU Blowout 10 and 11.
East Side Alliance from VPD 12
UNC BE from VPD and EE 12
UChicago SASA 12 (yeah, I have to rep my old team. Definitely the best mix they ever did, and pretty solid in it's own right)

DJ Monte S- Serato Bhangra 3

And I literally HAVE to bump Kabza 2 by DJ Man Up and Amrit Saab whenever it comes on. All conversation stops.


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jfried said:
And I literally HAVE to bump Kabza 2 by DJ Man Up and Amrit Saab whenever it comes on. All conversation stops.
Kabza 2 is truth. Pure, distilled truth.


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JJ Elite 8 2012
NYPD Tdot vs. Elite 8
Nachdi Jawani Elite 8 2011
Jawani Warriors Masti 2010
UVA Di Shaan Bhangra Blowout 2010
VCU Bhangra BIB3
NYPD Bhangra Fusion 2010
JJ VPD 2011
Klasikhz Recession Mixtape/Starting from Scratch/For the Record
SGPD Bhangra Fusion 2008


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puneethv29 said:
DRP - Bruin 2011
Intro of DRP - So-Cal 2009
PCBCA - Rangla Punjab 2010
NC State - AKD 2011
BCCBA - Raunak Virsey Punjab Di 2012
NJ - Elite 8 2010
Shan e Punjab - Jashan 2011
APD & KJ - Bruin 2011
Cal - Nachda Punjab 2011
Cal - Norcal 2011
Drexel - Blowout 2011
NYU Pandemonium - Jhoomti Shaam 2010 (the Sher Punjabian Nu mix is straight up nasty)
University of Birmingham - Bhangra Showdown 2012

Ranjhana Stereo Hearts Mix - posted on BTF a while ago i forget who made it
Valli - Klasikhz
Pass Out - Klasikhz
Black and Yellow - Klasikhz

hehehe the NYU Pandemonium "Sher Punjabian Nu" mix isn't by their DJ, it's off a remix album by DJ 187 and DJ Happy. here's the full-length.

also, that ranjhana/stereo hearts mix is by himynameis.



mrchicity said:
Jawani Warriors Masti 2010
TOOO sick.

BMW @ DDA 2012
APD @ Bruin 2011
Shan-E @ Jashan 2011
TAG @ Fever
Furteelay @ BAB 2011 - GSimz put in work
NJ @ Idols 2011 was just nastyyy
SGPD @ Idols 2011
Virsa Folkstars @ Tdot (self pump lol)

and my absolute fav has to be NJW @ Tdot

And these are just to name a few that havent been mentioned already. Love some of the other mixes you guys mentioned as well.


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Non- Bhangra

Deadmau5- Ghosts n Stuff
Nadia Ali- Pressure
Deadmau5- Maths
Blame ft. Camilla Marie - Star
Scars - Basement Jaxx
La Roux- In For the Kill
Usher- There goes my baby
Adele- Someone like you
Big Sean- Ass Ass ASSSSSSS
Drake- The Motto
Nikki Minaj- Beez in the trap
50 Cent- Candy Shop - this beat still goes hard
Mr. Saxobeat- Alexandra Stan
Jay Z, Kanye West- Niggas in Paris
*Any of Dj Ra's mixes

Bhangra Team Mixes
Punjabi Soormay- Bruin Bhangra 2007
Virse De Waris- DDA 2009
VCU -Blowout 2011
Joshiley Jawan- VPD 2011
Joshiley Jawan- Elite 2012
Sher Foundation- BBC 2009
Fauj- Bayside 2011
AEG- BBC 2011
ABC- Bhangra Idols 2010
TAG- Bhangra Fever
Cal Bhangra- Sin City 2012

Punjabi Songs
Door ni khulni- Manni
Sajna ve Sajna- Gurdas Mann
Dhuan- Preet Harpal
Ik Jindree- Bikram Singh, Ishmeet Narula
Dil Cho Bhulana- Ranjit Rana
Cheeray Waleya Gabroo- Bindrakhia
Lalkara- Gursharan Bindrakhia
Rang Kala
Dunali- Bukan Jatt
Tere karara- Yamla Jatt
Pani Panja - Sartaaj
Panga Peh Gaya- JK
Sair- Geeta Zaildar


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SRK, ive been jamming to everything you've posted...freakin sweet! Also, Steve Aokis wonderland album is where its at!


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Gurbir23 said:
SRK, ive been jamming to everything you've posted...freakin sweet! Also, Steve Aokis wonderland album is where its at!
sick sick il post more tomm, i dont really like aokis style a little too dub steppy for me (tornado has such a sick buildup but the drop SUCKS)

i like nice sounding house, smooooooooooooth and cooooooool LIKE SPACEMAN SORRY GOTTA HYPE THIS SONG SO MUCH CUZ I LOVE IT

Hardwell - Spaceman (Original Mix) HQ