Wisconsin Gurdwara Shooting, Support


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There was a terrible shooting at the gurdwara at Oak Creek, Wisconsin this morning. There are articles all over


The latest news as far as I know is that the suspect has been shot by police, 6 victims died, and a responding officer was shot but survived

Word is people are starting a community support fund for the victims/families of the victims, I'll post updates as I get them but please also post what you know. Terrible tragedy.

Edit: Also this article via @sb123, thanks

UPDATE: Here's an Indiegogo in support of the families of the victims [SIZE=78%]http://www.indiegogo.com/Milwaukee-Sikh[/SIZE]


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This is indeed a tragedy. Honestly, this sort of thing shouldn't have happened and should never happen in the future. Even in the pacing of the Batman Cinema shootings, gun control and gun debate laws were not brought up. THAT is the point in time when you want to discuss this sort of thing. People use guns to kill other people.

In light of this shooting, multiple aspects of the issue should be discussed. Gun control, hate crimes, education about Sikhism and the religion and the people.

Otherwise, my heart and prayers go out to those victims and families who have been effected by this tragedy. I'm proud of those first responders who quickly arrived to the scene to help prevent any further chaos and putting their lives on the line.

Sadly enough, this is probably a major new coverage of the Sikh religion. It's really sad to see this, but I hope it makes a difference in people's eyes about the Sikh community.


My parents were actually on their way to that gurdwara, and I know a lot of people that were there and shot since I go to that gurdwara a lot. I've heard that 7 people were shot dead and a lot more were shot at. We're such a peaceful community, and it hurts when race and religion plays a factor in shootings like this. No one would have thought that this would have happened to our community.


For a generation of Punjabi-Americans who already have feelings of being unwanted by this Country, this is just going to emotionally scar them even more. I urge you all to talk to any youngsters in your family or community and definitely let them voice how they feel about this but also guide them to not turn to Hate. My memory of being a young high schooler in the 9/11 era reminds me that in times like this, it is easy to get emotional and internalize the pain. The process of healing begins now; do your part. Rabb Rakha.


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