World Class Bhangra - the UK's new premium Bhangra competition!


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Hello BTF!

We are excited to announce the UK’s new premium Bhangra competition set to take place in Summer 2020!

Registration opens on 31st January 2020. This is open to all UK and international teams!

Follow us on our social media pages for further information:

Instagram: @WorldClassBhangra

Facebook: World Class Bhangra

Twitter: @WCBhangra_

Youtube: World Class Bhangra

Check out our committee reveal here -



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can anyone tell me... how to get agreement of audition plz?
Hi. Welcome to BTF. The best way to reach the committee might be directly through their website, by pressing the "Contact" page and filling out the form:

Another avenue that you have available is to personal message (PM) the committee on BTF by click the "Start conversation":

If you don't hear from anybody using the above two methods, and you are a Facebook user, try to search for their Facebook competition page and message them there.

When using any of the above methods to contact them, I would recommend that you state which team you represent, describe your question/problem in detail, and provide a way for them to reach you directly (i.e. e-mail address).


~ Basim :)