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Worlds Women Festival !! Toronto !! All Girls Bhangra & Gidha Competition


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Virsa Foundation and Shaan Punjab Dee are excited to present the World's Women Festival taking place in Toronto, Canada on Mother's Day weekend 2017. The World's Women Festival aims to promote and shed light on the talent and contribution of women to the Punjabi culture.

The World's Women Festival will be a two day event:

Saturday May 13th, 2017:
World's Women Festival Bhangra and Gidha Competition. This is a girls only bhangra and gidha competition.

Sunday May 14th, 2017:
World's Women Festival Concert. Come see some of your favourite artists perform and celebrate the contributions of women to Punjabi culture.

Registration packet information will be released shortly. Keep an eye out for World's Women Festival on BTF, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Please direct all inquiries to

We hope you can join us at this very special event on Mother's Day weekend 2017!