Yale Jashan Bhangra @ Crossroads of Bhangra 2019

Yale Jashan Bhangra

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Hey BTF,

We are excited to share Yale Jashan Bhangra’s recent performance at Crossroads of Bhangra 2019! Many thanks to our DJs Teg Hans and Amundeep Singh, the COB board, our liaisons, and Varun and Medha from Boiler Bhangra for tying our chadars and paghs.

We started this year with only a few returning members and are very proud of the growth of our young team over the course of the year. Seven of our dancers had never competed prior to Crossroads, while five of them have been doing bhangra for less than a year. We are really proud of all the time and hard work they have put in to improve as dancers.

We’d be super grateful for any feedback as we continue to grow YJB!

Red: Tran and Josh
Ferozi: Jayashree and Ameena
Green: Alisa and Neha
Yellow: Sreeja and Siddarth
Pink: Ruhi and Ashwin
Purple: Neeha and Tanvi