Zimmerman trial


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I haven't read this thread but people stop basing your opinion on strictly what the media sais... How is Zimmerman a Racist if he Sponsored 2 African American kids who's father was n jail for life... But honestly there's a lot that was untold who knows the real true story.. It's terrible that it happened but this happens a lot more frequently than u may expect


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yomamajama said:
In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the American Justice system and it was created exactly for this case; to separate emotion from the law. Where mostly everyone is coming from now that the verdict is out is mostly from an emotional, angry side against Zimmerman. However, no one is really looking at the law side of this case and looking at the hard facts that the prosecution were able to gather, which were minimal. They were not able to gather hard facts against Zimmerman to conclusively persuade the jury that Zimmerman did it. Like Daman said, the jury has to find beyond all reasonable doubt that Zimmerman intentionally committed murder or manslaughter against Martin. The prosecution had little hard facts or evidence to persuade the jury towards either of those two charges, and the defense simply had it easy because the prosecution really had a weak case to weaken Zimmerman's position. I sympathize with everyone about this issue, this is deeply saddening for all to hear and with what the Martin family is going through, but when you have a Jury that deliberates for more than 16 hours that day from all the evidence and arguments taken in and even asks for clarification on matters such as manslaughter, you have to just respect that decision and just move on.

Exactly. People have a hard time looking at it this way. I agree that it looks bad but the court isn't going to sentence him to life(or whatever people want) just because of how it looks.